Livestream: Early Black Friday Deals with “What’s Inside?”

Hi Collective!

I hope you’re having a great week so far!

I know I’m having a great day, because I’m getting ready to watch our latest livestream tomorrow - at 3pm PST/6pm EST, to be precise! This time, we have “What’s Inside?” taking a peek at our latest Black Friday deals (and even a couple of exclusive deals for the livestream audience!).

They might get into the nitty-gritty of some of our tech as well, because as their channel name implies, they like to…look inside stuff, like they did with our Liberty 2 Pro.

It should be an interesting conversation, and we’d love to have you join us (and ask Adam & guest all the Black Friday-related questions they can possibly handle)! Don’t forget, tomorrow (Thursday the 26th), 3pm Pacific and 6pm Eastern, right here on Amazon Live! See you soon!

  • Aaron
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I’ll try hard to remember to show up

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I’ll try to go for this

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Spam clam will be there.



I might check it out

It’s here too?

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That “soon” part makes it look like it was today

Chrome on Android.

That’s weird

But Firefox on Android works. Stranger and Stranger.

What a weird constellation.
Same with my Chrome.
May be its an older version of Andriod and Chrome.
But not important for me, all other things are working. :grin:

I’m not sure you guys have the right idea. Do your events before Thanksgiving, and then have the sales after. Stop doing things on the day of.

I think a lot of this driven by the platform. Amazon. Amazon sells regionally so links and deals have to be regional. The guests also if you look them up have day jobs, can’t fully do this type of work, so it’s at their non-work convenient times.

My own preference is live sessions focused on chat and to do deals separately outside of live, it then makes recording more globally relevant. That is likely therefore not Amazon Live platform.

Live Q&A to ask questions is enjoyable but to have it interrupted frequently with irrelevant USA only discount is not enjoyable. So then if you’re not linking directly to Amazon then I’m sure Amazon don’t see why they should pay for the platform use.

Sadly I will miss this one

Missed it but will be watching the replay later

hmm… missed it already !

watched the replay today seems like it was a really nice stream

Caught on the replay, pretty good stream.