Locate a lost ear bud

Is there a way to locate a lost ear bud?
I know it’s in the 2 bedroom apartment.

You are lucky.
Its easy to find it in the bedroom.

But there is no way to locate it by app.
Otherways you could employ Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. :joy:


P3 has find earbuds function, but seems it’s not very useful

Agreed on the p3.

If the one bud is connected to phone as the other one is in the case, I would find a song that would be loud for a majority of the song, play it loud, rinse n repeat til found.

If you lost it last hours and it never disconnected, then play loud music with the non-lost one covered?

If it has turned itself off then no hope bar hope you bought white and go inch by inch.

Usual challenges for the engineer, if they make it so buds don’t turn off someone moans about battery life.

If I lose something I give the problem of finding them to someone else as they look where I thought it could not possibly be.

I always find lost things at places where I never suppose I lost it there! :smile:

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The only way to find those is to look for them. Good luck!

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Could work if the user is familiar with.

May be such a fellow will help.
We see here he/she is very talented in finding useful things.

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They should make them with string attached

Animal Character Mittens On A String By eka | notonthehighstreet.com

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For those who are losing things very often or are suffering from Alzmeier:
“Wear the old styled wired ones”,
(Hm, or was it Alzhuber?,)
And what is my name?
I have to look at my passport to find out, but where are my glasses? :rofl:

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If you have the one in the case and it will connected to the lost one, you may have a chance to play a loud song and try to find it.

Other than that I would suggest either way to retrace your steps or where you go to a lot and think you had them. I have fell asleep and one dropped down a cushion but I do not remember and just place the other in the case. I been doing some once or twice and I end up sitting them on the bed and when my wife goes to sleep first, she basically knocked them in the corner of the bed.

I know I have not like placed them in somewhere weird per say. There was one article we had read where somebody accidentally swallowed a bud while sleeping.

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I remember this.
We were considering if these buds will still pair in TWS mode!
One in the stomach the other outside. IPX7…heheh

So should be a warning added:
Don’t use earbuds in bed, because there is the danger of swallowing.:sweat_smile:

(This warning ia always added on toys if these are small and could be swallowed by children.)

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