look what's arrived


Awesome. Looking forward to your review.


ooh they work, the wear detection works, auto pause play. Clever.

But the lens are shiny reflecting inside. At least polarised.


A photo is needed when you wear the glasses.
That’s a must! :laughing:


Grats on it. I should be getting the frames myself hopefully in the near future.

Although with the current discount and the recent sell out of the promenade (which I was thinking to get as a second front frame for indoors and driving) I am hoping the others do not start sell out as quickly.


My 2nd choice of lens was Cafe, 3rd choice Promenade for darker outdoors. I got the Landmark as most of summer I want shades and these are when moving. For sat down I have other products.

But the Cafe sold out so I’ll aim to get them later, somehow Cafe on its way coming soon :wink:

I did a quick test and work fine, intuitively, so far but their choice of lens materials… Shiny front so I see myself in mirror and (worse) shiny inside so I’m getting internal reflections which distract from viewing.

I’m sure with feedback they’ll get better with lens for more scenario.

Charging them fully now then out on bike wearing them…


I may end up doing the cafe or I may just wait for Promenade

I do not know if you were thinking about this but I was thinking of getting a second charging cable some time, I did see them around but my last look, I was having a hard time looking for them but it seemed to be at a pretty decent price.

I thought one for the house and one for the vehicle depending on how well the charging cable felt. So does the cable seem thick or is it more thin?

Yes I intend to get a 2nd charging cable.

That’s because I keep a charging set of cables + Powercore in my EDC type bag and a set at home. So I can’t forget.

Plus a spare is always a good idea for loss / failure-pending-warranty-replacement.

I have a deep loathing for proprietary cables, so a 2nd cable is a must for me. I’d prefer if were USB-C but can get by with USB-A as my Powercore has (still) a USB-A socket and trickle charge mode anyway.

There does not appear to be a power on/off button anywhere, the manual implies you need to plug them into power to turn on?

They’ll get plenty of use this week, I’ll then do a review.

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Nice. We expect full review😃


They look nice. I’m looking forward to hearing what you think of them!


The clear frame version of Landmark, the Cafe, arriving today. The spare 2nd cable tomorrow.

In summary the Frames are working and sounding well , as expected, just the shiny non-matt reflective inner surface is annoying, causing me headaches as the convex inner side is meaning I have a forward view of the front and side view of my ears. I may try adding my own “matt” finish in the outer corners (otherwise known as a greasy thumb).

This next month I am traveling more than I’ve done for over 2 years, including to sunny climes so will be these and one other Soundcore product which has ANC, so these complement for when I want best ambient awareness outside moving and ANC for other situations.

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Oh ja those “shiny effects” might disturb a lot, but its easy to give these a another finish.
I take “polish rubber” when matting watches. There are different grits available.
Better to use than simple sanding papers.

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That’s exciting. Will be good to hear your thoughts in a bit.

Was thinking that the inside reflective maybe is an attempt to have the ability to see behind… like a rear view mirror perhaps… :crazy_face: j/k. Seems that point may have been an oversight.


Version 1 errors.
Version 1 = what designer likes.
Version 2 = what users like.
Version 3 = what works.

Walked a few hours today wearing using them.


Landmark for daytime walking / biking.
Cafe for summer twilight biking.

I prefer the shape over the nose where there’s no gap, this reduces chance of flies getting in. I wish though they’d do more of a single piece more wrap around and larger to get nearer to goggles as closer to cycling. That would also suit construction, skiing.