Looking for a speaker for music and for family phone calls


I’m looking for a bluetooth speaker for double use : for music, and to make family phone calls (via whatsapp, messenger, etc…)

Which Soundcore speaker has a decent integrated microphone ?

thanks a lot for your feedback

As far as I know, there is no soundcore speakers with an integrated mic in it.

I also do not know of another brand that has an integrated speaker in it.

Not saying there is nothing out there but none that I know. Amazon echo or something like that is all that I can think of but not sure if it works with whatsapp

Well I know my Motion Booms and Mini 3 have a Mic. I think the Motion+ also have one. I haven’t really tested them so I can’t say which is best. I did ask a caller how the Boom sounded and they said it was alright. Nothing scientific. I usually shut off BT if I’m getting a call when playing music and just use my phone.

Edit The Motion+ has a Mic next to the Bass-Up button. I’ve never used them while getting a call though (I just received them recently). Like I said, I usually just use my phone for calls when I’m using my Soundcore Speakers to play music.

As a side note I have used my Liberty 3 Pros (Earbuds) for calls and people say they sound good.

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I’ll add those are the only Soundcore Speakers I own, but I think most if not all probably have Mics. Since I don’t own them, I don’t know that for a fact, but if they have call capability, it would make sense that the other speakers would also have a Mic. However I don’t like commenting on things I don’t own so take that for what it’s worth.

Thanks a lot for your feedback… I need the mic on the speaker because we will be 2 or more in the room speaking to people on the other side from the call … Otherwise liberty would have been obviously my choice too…

I have thought of Anker powerconf S3 but I’m not sure I can use it for music when I’m not having a phone call…

Seems I’m looking for something that doesn’t exist…

Thanks again for you answer

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I really like My Motion Booms (the Motion+ are good as well). If I was you, I would give the Boom a try. If you buy it from somewhere like Amazon, you can always return it if it’s doesn’t meet your needs. Just my 2 cents.

PS Welcome to the forum! :wave:

Well good to know. I did get a mini but I gave it to my brother and the motion plus that I was going to get, I gave it to my father for his tv watching.

LOL So the ones that I could have known about, I ended up giving to family that needed ones.

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I used the Mini 3 once but since it’s round you have to make sure the Mic is facing forward. I know this because when I moved the speaker the person I was talking to said I sounded quiet/muffled.

I would suggest the Motion Boom for this purpose :slight_smile:

I am struggling to think of a speaker which doesn’t have a mic. Probably the Rave types don’t.

Challenge isn’t the mic quality but the feedback/echo of the very idea of a mic being next to a loud speaker. No matter what quality mic you seek the quality is going to be awful just from the echo.

Bad idea.

Use earphones.

Or a product which has specialist hardware to filter out sound and feedback, such as Powerconf.

I remember there are some models with built in mics.
But I don’t use my speakers for calls.

I use my fixed telefon only.


The quality is excellent : no muffling no distortion! :rofl:

But all joking aside.
I would not use a speaker for telefone calls.
There are better solutions.

You will have issues with echo caused either by you or the other end. At least one of you need to use earbuds to stop this.

Ideally you should use earbuds, but if not then something like this

If you go with a speaker, not earbuds or a speakerphone, if the other party is also using a speaker (they not using earbuds/speakerphone) then you or they will be hearing an echo, or worse - feedback.

Thanks a lot for your input… indeed I didn’t think of the echo issue… but you’re right… I think I’ll go with the powerconf solution for phone calls with the mini 3 for music… That should get in my budget… Thanks again


I was attracted by Amazon echo or Google nest… Google call my mom… and then I can speak to her while cooking… Or Google play this or that song… But again I’m paranoid of privacy and didn’t want something connected to internet… Just wanted to make my calls or play my songs from my phone on one speaker…

That speakerphone is a good speaker in it’s own right. You may not need a Mini 3 in addition.

There’s a few different Powerconf versions, do some searches on reviews. @Shenoy I think knows a fair bit.

Well shows how much I must use speaker lol. As stated I tend not to use them as much due to songs condition. I just never got to a point to use a mic on them… lol

Sorry to all on that one

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as someone who owns a motion boom, i never had a problem with echo while on a call, I dont use it a lot but have used it several times, I actually do get echo on my phone when on speaker phone. I think it has to do with the mic location on the phone and motion boom. the choice is the buyers but just wanted to put it out there as someone who has actually used it .

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Thanks ! Now I’m thinking of the motion boom cuz I’m heavy metal like you! Most people are looking for boosted base in their speaker, which does not go well with metal… If you like metal and you’re satisfied with the sound quality of boom AND you tested it for phone calls… Then boom it is!! :blush:

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I am sure you can alter the sound of any speaker by eq so it meets your wishes and imagnations.
It takes a while to find it.

if you are looking for something to listen to music with , and an occasional call I honestly recommend this. The bass is easily adjusted through the app with custom eq but personally I think this is a great speaker . I own a pair and find them durable enough to withstand northern USA winters outside, and powerful enough to do Disturbed, Avenge Sevenfold, Breaking Ben, Slipknot and others justice. My personal test in getting the EQ straight was finding the right settings for Sound of Silence by Disturbed as well as Down with the Sickness. Once I had that set I just tweak it slightly hear and there as needed . I basically do a U shape in my custom then lower my bass slightly. . I hope you are as happy with your Boom as I am.

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