Lordes musical medical disorder

Interesting article about Lorde and her stating her conditon. Did not know there was such as thing. Learned it from my local radio station website.

Music superstar Lorde recently mentioned in an interview with “Rolling Stone” that she has an incredibly rare condition (it only affects 1-4% of the population), called Synesthesia. It’s a legitimate condition where the stimulation of one of the senses (example: hearing) triggers an involuntary stimulation of another (touch or sight). Her form of Synesthesia is appropriately based on SOUND. Therefore, when she HEARS music, she also involuntarily SEES and FEELS it as colors and textures

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Crazy about some of these rare medical conditions that not many do not know about. I never had heard of Synesthesia before this article. Thanks for the share.

Welcome… I did not hear about it either.

I thought it was real crazy and interesting and just wonder how it affects them. I think it would be maybe cool in the short term to have it but in the long term, it would be hard to handle.

Very interesting article and share. She does have quite the talent for edgy songs. I’ve never heard about this and wonder if many other artists over the years may have had similar.