Losing the possibility to pay cash?

More and more we are losing the possibility to pay cash.
For me it is a quite a killing of personal freedom.
Of course it is convenient and easy.
But aren’t we more and more being controlled without having cash money in our pockets?
You in the USA are using those cards much more than we here in Europe.
(Except Sweden and Norway)

We, here in Germany had 2 total loss of currency in 20 century.
(1923 and 1946) so we are no such friends of all those cashless.

I am afraid if there is no more cash around we all can be controlled so easy.
Were we payed, what we payed, why we payed…


I’ve never been anywhere that I can’t pay cash. Don’t tell anyone but I always carry at least $200 cash for emergencies

With Apple Pay and Paypal, I don’t even use Cards, the last time I used the card was at Halloween event … Not used Cash (Paper money) for more than 6 months now

Everything is online, Card and Bank apps, online payment,

I do agree with your point though, but there are so many less places to use paper cash than earlier… Plus using cash gets you back with so many coins and quarters and cents and pennies, which never get used again

I have been told in the USA you are suspicious if you carry such an amount with you.
Only showing those bills cash, but I dont know if this is true. :grin:

That means you are paying a simple beer and coffee by using only online payment?
You are not feeling that you can be controlled easily what and were you payed?

We were discussing about the controls of ALEXA, I remember.
But isn’t that the same and much more suspicious?

I ask you, because all of you are much more younger than I am.

You are correct @Chiquinho I hardly use physical cash … don’t even remember using it last time… it is a bit scary, yes.
But what you mean by you are controlled?? by who?
I agree there is not physical money transferred between both the parties but it is in the banks, realtime or delayed. But more safe and secure sometimes (not always)
I don’t understand your quesion about “controlled”

We here in Germany have been controlled from 1933 -1945 from the NAZI-regime.
This was a total regime and if those criminals would have had those possibilities we have today what would have had happened?
Paying without cash, every item you payed is listed you are more than transparent to those who are watching you.
I was talking to a friend of mine criminal investigation department:
“If I take a look at your garbage only , I know too much from you!”

I dont trust in any government.
The more we give up your privacy the more we are getting trapped.
More discussion would lead into a political one.

I use a mixture of credit cards, paypal, samsung pay, and cash.

I use samsung pay the post and then credit cards next.

I keep about a 100 bucks on me. I use cash to pay my barber (cash only), open air market events, and pay the car wash place in cash to knock the mud off our trucks and SUVs after it rains.

Even major downtown hubs I’m starting to see more places not accepting Samsung/Apple/Android pay. They only accept Credit Cards. I’m also seeing a lot of food trucks and few breweries that only take cash now.

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I feel both safer, and less safe since I never use cash anymore.

Without cash I no longer have a need to take money out of ATMs so that removes an attack point for my card information getting stolen, on the other hand in this day and age every online system is vulnerable to attacks so it’s possible that my bank can be hacked.

I’d feel more safe if I didn’t carry my cards on me at all, as you can still grab the info off them with NFC readers, but unfortunaltly I can’t completely switch to Google pay as I root my phone so it makes it unreliable.

I feel once cryptocurrency becomes mainstream and everyone starts using personal crypto wallets it’ll become far more secure than it currently is, but untill then we’ll just have to rely on banks.

I also don’t feel we are “being controlled” by not using cash anymore. It’s the 21st century, the future is digital. It makes sense to move our payments to a digital form.

It’s not that different as paper money anyway, it’s not like the paper itself holds the monetary value, it’s just a social construct that it’s worth something. With digital money it’s in pure binary form and can be more secure than keeping physical money.

The only issue I can see arising from it is when it comes to inheritance, say someone has their entire fortune locked away in a wallet on their phone that only they knew the password for. Welp, guess it’s all gone now. Unless the amount is visible without logging in and the account can be disabled and the funds transfered that way :thinking: idk, there are probably better ways to deal with it but I’m not that smart.

The more online we become, the more control govts / corporations have over what or when we could buy… But it’s inevitable. :anguished:

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And more visible to hackers too…

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Ehh, cryptocurrency is a bad idea. It will be easy to create your own cryptocurrency…

That’s not just creating money though. There are already some that follow the current fluctuations of the American dollar, something along those lines could work well.

Standards do need to be put in place though of course.

In Sweden, the banks have joined forces and made a pay app. You can use it both on the net and irl. You can give any person money whit it and of course are the criminals using it. So it isn’t that easy to control how you using it.

I would love to go to the barter system. It’s difficult though when you don’t know your neighbors and what they have to offer, and you don’t know many producer farmers.

Of course criminals can use the cashless system.
But one of the reasons government tells us,
that if there is no more cash it prevents criminality.
And this is surely a lie.
The true reason of a cash less system is getting more control on the citizens.

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Yes in the beginning the banks said that to here in Sweden. Now the banks haven’t any money any more :roll_eyes: But our government is scared that we had gone to far. We must have money if the electricity fails or the Russian attacks again. We had a storm there I live who took out the electricity for 3 days in a big area. No phone’s, no nothing worked. In time’s like that, you must have money.

When I said that criminals used it, I meant it’s safe :sunglasses:

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That’s a argument.
I know the Swedish people dont use much cash.
So this scenery of a real blackout for some days is pure horror show.
In Germany they shut down our atomic reactors for weird “Green” reasons.

Yes of course all electricity should be created by wind and solar power. :roll_eyes:
Not true!
There may be more than the needed power in some rare days of summer.
But this rare surplus energy can not be stored at all.
And when there is needed more we buy such power from countries running their atomic reactors.

ANKER could invite efficient immense power banks!:wink::wink::wink:

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Germany shut down the atomic reactors because of Fukushima / Japan :wink:
The “Green” reasons use we in Sweden. We had a vote about it in the 70th and at that way we go :nauseated_face:

You know, I’m a news freak and follow what’s happening :innocent:

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We had no vote in Germany. this was stupid arbitrary only.
But to discuss about would lead to politics and we dont want such ones here in our forum! :wink::wink::wink:

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