Love my new Liberty 2 Pro

Came across an email notification about the new upcoming Liberty 2 Pro TWS by Soundcore.
In the past I have tried just from Anker/Soundcore
Highest Soundcore brand discontinued
Liberty +
Anker Liberty Lite (microphones at bottom of earpiece side like Air Pods)
Anker’s lower cost TWS
Not TWS but cord around shoulder
Anker Spirit X
Anker Spirit Pro
Other TWS from Soundpeats, MPow, Taotronics, Aukey, and others.

Found the hybrid solid core/silicone ear covers to fit ear easily amongst all the options available in the box.

Dual or Mono
Multifunction Button that works easily
Great noise cancelling once finding right ear buds to use
Awesome sound from every music genre I tried. From folk, jazz, hard rock, alternative, drumming solo, guitar solo, and more. No matter what I tried I was able to hear the variety of instruments and vocals clearly.
Great comfortable fit over 4 hours at a time. (Have not worn over 4 hours in a row yet)
Phone calls whether using in stereo or Mono mode was clear to listen as well as opposite party could hear me well. The exception was going into a busy restaurant which I would not expect to have a decent phone call with or without earbuds.
Long battery life since I have been able to use all day long.
I could go on longer with the pros.

Haven’t found any

Consideration fo future:
Passthrough sound so I can hear others in the room if they are talking to me without taking the earbuds out. But this is not something I would consider bad or make me want to not use them as my daily earbuds.

I rarely use my neckband headsets or my corded around the neck earbuds now that I have the Liberty 2 Pro.

If I was just comparing Anker/Soundcore products this is a definite #1 winner for me.


Thanks for sharing your opinion…good job! :+1:

High praise for them!! I can’t wait to get mine!

Thanks for sharing