"Love story" - the most touching musical theme of the movie?

My friend’s account:
"I come home after work: wife red eyes, crying.
Frightened, with the thought that someone in the family might have died, I ask:
What happened?
It turned out that everything is OK, only the wife has just watched the movie "Love story":slightly_smiling_face:
Do you know this movie?
Do you know this music Francis Lai?
Do you have your favorite movie theme with the most touching music?
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Never seen and I think there is no need for me to see.
Those movies are not my taste…

It is a pity - maybe you would also be touched …:sleepy:
And the soundtrack is great!

I dont think so I am not sentimental at all. :rofl:

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You surprised me immensely. I didn’t think any old person had watched this movie.
And “Zorro” -you watched; the music is good there too.

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I am old , but I don’t feel old and I don’t like such sentimental stories.
Would cause me to use more than one handkerchief for one day :rofl:

This is a real classical including the music Ennio Morricone (RIP)

I love these “italo-western” from Sergio Leone (RIP)

or this one

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Ennio Morricone’s film music is truly fantastic.
But also sentimental, so you shouldn’t like her😁.
My favorite piece by E. Morricone from the super movie “The Professional” from Belmondo

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If you go more into film music you have to enter Stanley Kubrick’s films.

What a great movie maker.
Barry Lyndon is one of my favorites, not so well known.
But for me the best.

Scenes like from a "painting!

Stanley was a real master.
RIP Stanley

By the way that’s composed by Franz
(Franz Schubert :rofl: )

You completely surprised me!:astonished:
I did not know this film at all - today I will try to watch it because it is of a genre that I like very much.
But I will surprise you too! Did you know that the main character of “Barry Lyndon” and the main character of “Love story” are played by the same actor:Ryan O’Neal?

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O course I know.
When I was listening to our “locale Munich hero” Jonas Kaufmann
I found this wonderful tenor from your country.

Here is Pjotr

Here is Jonas

Same place in Vienna!

Both so great voices!

Like I said a good song can make or break a mood of a movie. I mean you can play the song and it is recognized

In Poland, we called them “Flip and Flap”, they are my favorite childhood comedians. I still have videos with them recorded on VHS tapes. I also liked Charlie Chaplin a lot

Just as you can not be delighted with the music for “Love story”, I cannot admire opera music, especially in the male performance. She sings nicely, but “it doesn’t throw me to the ground”, it doesn’t impress me. Domingo, Pavarotti Bocelli, … that’s not for me.
I watched 30% of the movie. It’s very good - maybe today I will be able to watch a sequel. Based on this film, you could actually paint beautiful pictures from the old days.

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It’s so different from all these “modern” action films.
I don’t like, often too much bestiality and brutality.

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Currently, in films, unfortunately, you have to play on the emotions of the viewer and his adrenaline, so the easiest way is to use a lot of violence and brutality.

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Hmmmm so many things that I haven’t seen and will have to check out

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Unchained Melody from Ghost is impresive as well

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Better without movie! :wink:

And here is a very, very special one.

He was so great even in these last performances!


You are a young lady :grinning: , you have a lot of time!
Happy Easter!