LUM - great but only available in the Soundcore app

I am really enjoying the LUM music in the Soundcore app.

The app includes a link to LUM.FM but unfortunately the app is not available in the UK.

(I emailed them and there are no plans to make it available).

Would it be possible to increased the range of songs in the Soundcore app?
Or sponsor the LUM app to make itt available to a wider audience?

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Wondering if you have been able to get to the website?

There is a beta site, that has all the music. If you click through one of the artists in the weeks artists, like Biz Da Don, it should take you there.

I’m outside the US and have been able to listen to more than just what’s on the app…


Thanks for this.
The beta website looks great.
I am signed up and listening as I type :headphones:


Only thing you won’t be able to do is redeem the notes for cash. That is saved for USA only, at present.

Let us know if you find some good music on the site and we can check it out… there are sooooooo many…

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