Major Problems with Liberty Pro 2

Unfortunately, I experience serious problems with my Liberty Pro 2. The background noise is already known, but I also have connectivity issues. Sometimes only one earbud is connect, sometimes both, sometimes there is absolutely no connection. But the most annoying problem is that 8 out of ten times, they don’t stop playing when I put them in the case. I have to manually stop the music.

Does anyone have similar problems?

A quick reset should fix this problem. You can learn how to reset the buds here

I’ve encountered the “don’t stop playing” issue as well, they do shut down after a few seconds of you actually closing the lid.

It’s not immediate like other wireless earbuds as you have to close the lid. But they will turn off after a few seconds of doing so. I just got in the habit of pausing what I play before putting them into the case

Oh that’s just annoying. They should make them shut off when you put them in… wonder if it would be changed with a software update :thinking:

JMO, to me it’s not a big deal. When I put them back in the case, I’m going to close the lid. Doesn’t really matter whether they stop when you drop them in or close the lid.

I would have said the connectivity issues were more important than the music pausing, you will need to contact support to deal with that.

Thanks for your feedback so far. A reset didn’t fix the problems.

Sometimes they do stop playing after a few seconds in the case (lid closed) but they also start playing in the case (lid closed) when I restart music on my smartphone. So I have to manually disconnect the earbuds in the bluetooth settings to listen via smartphone or any other speaker. It seems like they just don’t disconnect.

I would check your contacts and make sure that they are making contact. I do know if you use the large wings then you have to push them down in order for them to make contact

The charging works just fine so the contacts shouldn’t be the problem.

I just figured out that the reset process is different. In the official “how-to reset video” it says the earbuds led should flash red three times after you press the button for 10 sec and thats it. But my earbuds led flash randomly red and white several times before they reset - there is no consistence behaviour.

All in all very disappointing…

Did you hold down the button for 10 seconds or more to allow them to reset properly? Try holding down the button until they do flash, everyone counts differently

Yes, I did - same outcome.

Well I have a similar problem. Whenever I go to school everything is ok but when I go from school to my part time job I get all sorts of interference like if I tilt my head the right way I cut the connection. This happens mostly in the center of the town but occasionally while just walking. When I am at home I can just leave my phone(redmi note 7) on my desk and go to the other side of it and still be fine but when I get near any kind of public transport it just starts to glitch out for a few minutes.

Welcome to the world of bluetooth and radio interference.