Make ANY earbuds sound 3X "better" not only louder, i mean literally better!

Here’s the thing, I’ve tried many many equalizer apps throughout the years to boost or adjust all kinds of earbuds volume and clarity. They all did a pretty good job cranking the volume up whatsoever…

Until i tried this app called : Eq bluetooth.

And what can i say! The app has a completely different approach to equalization, it has a completely different technology found only on desktops using VST plugins for the guys that know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, the app is basically adding additional frequencies to the overall sound spectrum which gives it a punch and makes everything sound a hella lot better especially the low ends and the bass & kicks.

Don’t take my words, just head to playstore and download the app, click on " Enable DSFX" button and notice the difference instantly.
Ps: play with the earbuds models presets to find the best one that suits your taste, also always keep the equalizer button on, it acts as a limiter and helps keep the sound from being distorted when you turn up the “loudness”.

Just play with the app settings and you’ll understand how powerful and different it is from any similar EQ app available on Android currently! It’s better than soundcore eq, better than almost every eq on playstore except maybe poweramp eq (still does a better job tho especially as it’s a complete different concept on the way it works)

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I didn’t get the jokes but fine :joy:

Sometimes are jokes not easy to understand.
But dont mind and care about.

Understanding depends on age, country, education etc.
Not easy, I know.
eg. English humor is very different from German humor.

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Haha yes I’ve noticed, it seems nostalgic tho. It’s junt me who didn’t live those times to relate lol.

We should have to have fun here .
Otherwise the forum will get even more boring as it is already at the moment.

Many of the old regulars were disappearing, same as the admins from soundcore did.

They are more focussing on unsocial media (Ticktack, Fakebook, Zwitter etc)

Haha yes, because nobody would consider going to their browser to post on an earbuds community everyday.

Only reason i got here was to post about a technical issue about the product, then I’ll disappear forever as well :joy::joy:.

But i guess it’s nice they put in place a community for soundcore products anyway, kinda fun a bit.