Merry Christmas everyone 🌐!

Christmas starts tomorrow :boom:.
On this occasion, I’d like to extend my best wishes to all members of the community and to @Hannah, @Winniew95, @sean.L, @William_Ward.
Best wishes to Poland’s closest neighbors: from Lithuania and Germany .
Best wishes to all Europeans - there are a few people here from England, France and Italy.
I know that sometimes there are people from China and someone from Africa.
Finally, my best wishes to the largest group of people from North America: USA and Canada! Best wishes to all people from the countries that I have skipped and of course to my compatriots: Poles!
Let’s enjoy Christmas and live in peace (I don’t know if you know, but while we are preparing for Christmas, trenches are being dug in Ukraine and the whole country is getting ready to defend itself. The Russian attack is to take place when there are severe frosts, the ground freezes, and then the Russian tanks will be able to drive as if on a highway.)

Merry Christmas Everyone :evergreen_tree:!


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