Microsoft has been rejected

Microsoft’s bid for TikToks music platform has been denied

Question @Duane_Lester @Loz - @hannah mentioned on Core Update the OFF TOPIC category was closed since those were NOT related to Soundcore.

How will items / article similar to the earlier OFF TOPIC be handled, now that they can be tagged as TECH :grin:

Seeing as this is related to TikTok, which is a music platform, I think we can let it stay open. Definitely skirting the edges with this one tho…


There are so many music site and details published daily… So music topics will become the new off topic items… It took a big step to clear / close Off Topic, better fix up the rules.before the new Off Topic takes its place :sunglasses:

You got to it right before I did. I had initially closed it but then reopened it after thinking it is all about music videos. Lol

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As I followed the actions taken on the thread I followed your thought process haha. Good call.

TikTok is as much of a music platform as youtube is I guess…

Except a lot less useful for actually hearing music.

Having the off topic category on this site wasn’t a bad thing. Without it the collective feels like a Q&A page/FAQ.

Definitely think it’s interesting how future topics that are boarder music and off topic so should be interesting to see how these are handled in the future