Microsoft Says Critical Vulnerability in Windows Is Already Being Used in

Microsoft recommended a number of steps to mitigate the vulnerability. Users can disable preview and details panes in Windows Explorer, disable the WebClient service, or rename a DLL file found in versions prior to Windows 10 1709. As always, don’t download or open suspicious documents from untrusted sources.

The more WIN is used the more it get hacked.
As Mac-OS gets more and more used it will be get focuses as well by hackers.
10 years ago Mac-OS was really safe.

What to do?
I know… it’s L***X
Only a few nerds and jerks are using it, so there isn’t much to “steal” :laughing:

Question to you all.
Which OS is mostly used running servers if those are maintenanced by profis? :wink:

Linux & its variants ?

All the computer centers I got it touch with
(mostly universities) were using Linux on their serves.
We did too.
Its a clean, open system and easy to maintenance.
We never touched WIN!

Its like religion.
There are many who avoid an OS like “the devil fears holy water”.
But why?
I had to use WIN and MAC-OS in the university to test the different platforms for our software.
But there were really colleagues who would have never touched WIN.
At home I got the LINUX MINT.
This way I can use my old laptops.

That’s what I told people years ago when they said Mac were safer.
Hackers usually target on bigger audience, why spent effort on small targets.

Servers running Linux (not those home-based servers) don’t have people reading email, download programs from unknown source and watching porn. So, that’s irrelevant to compare.

As a gamer for over 30 years, Linux is never an option, and only recently MacOS is more viable but will never reach the level of Windows.

Of course, because LINUX-users dont play, they work! :rofl:

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Security through obscurity isn’t really an option for linux. It runs on far too many critical and high accessibility systems around the world. Serves, routers, embedded computers.

So your desktop may not be the target, but it uses the same kernel, and many of the same packages for low level services as the high value targets. A worm released targeting power plants isn’t interested in your system, but might take it over as it replicates. All it takes is a scripter interested in re-purposing the vulnerability to aim it at stealing your information.