Mini review (I guess) L2P toughness

So, being a college student and a male with big hands. I have admittedly dropped one of the LP2 buds on the ground and/or concrete and they hold up really well. not even rough on the surface from hitting the concrete that I can notice, for such a tiny piece of hardware. Really well built.


Thanks for sharing and glad they didn’t get damaged. Mind posting some pics of your LP2 and what they look after the drop.

The community loves seeing customer/fan product pics!

Thanks for sharing your findings. Good pics too! :+1:

Sweet as I know I would drop them a couple times as well. Also glad not to see earwax in the picture either :rofl::face_vomiting::rofl: :slight_smile:

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Since you did a mini review, you should try to do a full review of them. As a college student, you have a different perspective than us older folks. Just remember to do it the review from your profile (search up the review topic that Loz did, I think. It will tell you what you need to do so you can get your points and notes. :slight_smile:

Never thought of doing one, but will definitely give it a shot! Guess I do have that sound profile topic/ more mini review I posted I could add to the full review as well.

Great to see the durability of them in real life scenarios.

This is why I like my Spirit X’s as with the lead around my neck when 1 falls out at gym I don’t need to worry about it

Good to hear they hold up. I would drop them frequently with no loop.

Thanks for sharing the images. :grinning: