Mix audio sources on Q30s

Just got the Q30s and loving them so far but when testing the ability to use 2 connections at once or occurred to me that it would be nice if instead of one device taking exclusive control I could instead mix the two sources together.

This could be useful for example when playing games to be able to listen to music or have a conversation on my phone while also hearing audio from the game. It could also be useful for hearing notifications on one device while playing music another.

Not sure if it’s possible with the hardware I have but thought I’d put it out there anyway (I’ve heard bluetooth is a real Frankenstein’s monster and was never designed for half the things we use for but I don’t know what it’s actual limitations are in this area).

I think if there is a market for it then it will come but do not think that it will be soon or if ever. I think it come down to that old 90/10 rule. That things are built for the 90 precent vs the 10.