"Mono" mode when using a single earbud

Hi, it would make a lot of sense that audio is played in Mono mode when using a single earbud, instead of listening to one channel only, which seems like what is currently happening…can a feature request be created?

This should be available for all earbuds, but let’ start with Liberty 3 Pro and Life P3 :slight_smile:

Best placed to ask for this would be to send your request to service@soundcore.com. They may do it or they may do it as a request on a future earbud.

I know the Liberty air 2 had like 3 versions due to different button functionality.

Thanks for the tip, I just sent the email.


It is a common ask.

While you wait for the feature, you can usually place audio / bluetooth settings to mono as a workaround.

Personally I only listen to voice and either Frames or X10 or one-bud Slim wired (discontinued) and stick to mono in settings. What I prefer in stereo I use different devices. YMMV.

I am sure it can be adjusted by the audio tools of your device.