Monthly referral prize shipments

@Loz or anyone else know when the prices from the monthly referral contest will get shipped out? I know @Hannah mentioned in her core updates that they would ship when the product is available in our country, but I won the Spirit 2 and they are already available here in the US so when should I expect them to ship?

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When did you win the spirit 2?? I won the spirit 2…

Edit: my bad, I didn’t realize they were for 3rd-5th place. Good news though!

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@Loz any update on this for the spirit 2 headphones won from last months referrals?

As soon as they become available on Soundcore or I can send them, but as it stands they’re not. I’m not always following that product line, so please keep your eyes up and let me know if they become available. I’ll get them sent out soon as :slight_smile:

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@Loz I know this is super early to be asking, just wanted to put this on your radar. I submitted my info to you in a PM for the last weeks giveaway. Thank you in advance!

For the record my spirit 2 came. So far I’m a fan, but time will tell.

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Still hoping they accidentally send me a pair of the L2P lol

@Loz did these get sent out to all who won it? Or is it just as it’s in stock because I’m still waiting for mine

Spirit 2 are my favorite sounding headset/earbuds from soundcore so far. I specifically love watching movies with them, but they’re also my favorite for music.

Not meaning to sound ungrateful at all here but I was reading this thread and a question came up.

If awards can be sent out once they are available where ever the winner is, why the middle of January before this last give away ships. Amazon has them stocked now.

Just curious.

Also it would be much easier to help sales if we were able to introduce the product to people prior to Christmas.

It’s because the liberty 2 pro that you won is special edition. The special design on the outside probably isn’t manufactured beyond the original used in the video.

Beyond that, it’s December so soundcore/anker is swamped with orders and prizes. Last December I won a prize and i didn’t get it for a solid month and a half.

Though I have been waiting longer then that for my liberty 2 pro that I won at the end of September…


If it helps them at all I’m not picky about the design on the box lol.


At least you got the spirit 2 to hold you over, I’m still waiting for mine and I’m currently using the liberty air 2 or the life p2 since you know the deal with my 2 pairs of the liberty 2 pro

You’re spirit 2 will probably come Monday. My liberty air 2 are coming on Tuesday.

I have serious doubts as to wether or not my liberty 2 pro actually got shipped…

@terrywhite1 I’m sure soundcore has an agreement that they have to send you the JerryRigEverything buds since the advertising for his channel :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’m pretty sure mine will be much later.
The contest post said they would be shipped put on either the 13 or 15 of this month lol I forgot which and I’m on my phone so too hard to switch pages and look again but in the message he sent me after I sent in my email and mailing address said it would ship sometime in mid January.

That seemed a bit long even if it had to ship from China.
I use to repair guitars for a few friends and most of the potentiometers (volume or tone dial) I would have to order from China. I would get them in 5 days using DHL shipping. The shipping rate was like 12 U.S. dollars. So I’m still not exactly sure why mid January.
That was why I made the comment that shipping prizes to contest winners prior to Christmas seemed like a much better idea. It would give them time to show them off to their friends and possibly boost sales in time for Christmas.

I’m good either way. LOL I’m getting it for free so can’t really complain other than the months difference in when they would ship.

I copied this from the original contest post.

  • Prizes will be sent out December 11th.
  • Soundcore reserves the right of final explanation.

But if you check the winners announcement I just noticed even it also says they would ship between mid to end of January.

I bet you are correct.

There still seem to be some logistical differences in when they originally planned to ship them out verses when they now hope to have them shipped out.

That’s pretty typical with anker. They mess up logistical stuff a lot. One of there biggest flaws.

It’s okay… I’m not really angry. More disappointed and here is why.

The original contest post says prizes shipped a full month earlier than they actually will.

I’ve been in music for longer than I can even remember so after watching current reviews myself and my understanding of the technology these use it actually makes this what could be called the next generation of wireless earbuds.
So I’ve ready reached out to about half a dozen friends that are lucky enough to earn a living playing music either their own or in studio work and sent them all the information about these earbuds.
If they in fact work as well as the design specs I’ve read then these guys will be trying them out.

If even the slightest thing happens to go wrong I’ve already started a small push for those guys to buy a set while they are still at the sell price.

Basically I’m now at the mercy of depending on the quality and performance of them before I’ve touched or tested them myself.

Hopefully all will go well and any of those guys that do try them out will love them and I will have 6 professional musicians I can name in my own review to support how these are way ahead of anyone else currently manufacturing wireless earbuds.

I probably should have waited to test them myself before doing anything but again the original contest post shipping date would have had them to me either before and about the same time they could have gotten their own.

I’ve read and watched some excellent reviews so I hope none of it backfires on me.

These 6 guys know far more musicians than I do and have to potential of not only boosting sales but skyrocketing sales.

Time will tell. With some luck it will still turn out well.
I did learn one thing… no more calling in favors prior to me testing them myself.

Have you received your spirit 2 yet?