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Congratulations to all the winners! Please contact @sean.L with your full shipping details.

Liberty Air 2 Pro: @Sascha26
Motion +: @ndalby
Life Q30: @thepotterheadwhovian

Facebook: Anna Frieson
Twitter: Coco132


My wife would appreciate the Q30s. Why? Because we have a new baby boy due in September and when it’s my turn to have the bubba, I want her to be able to isolate herself away from noise and relax!

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My mom could really use the motion+. She does a lot of teaching and is trying to do it in person as well as virtually. She complains that the computer speakers aren’t loud enough for those online to be heard by those in the room. I believe a Motion+ could solve that particular issue!


She loves to listen some spiritual & Devotional songs in the morning so #LibertyAir2Pro because she don’t wants to disturb rest who are sleeping & enjoy her own :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

My mom loves outdoor Zumba with her friends, so she will definitely love Motion+ speakers.

First of all congratulations to all your Moms and to those that are Moms.
Don’t forget to visit your Moms (if it’s possible in current situation).
Otherwise … (text on banner: Visit your parents or we will visit you)

Thanks for another great activity @sean.L
My Mom isn’t party fan. And the only headphones she is using are over-ear.
So it’s an easy choice - Life Q30.


My mom would like the Q35’s, you see my family is shaken quite a bit and I wanted to get her something that liberated her from her problems. I want her to feel comfortable when things go badly.

My mom love music and things that flare our lives , We would love to welcome Soundcore anker Flare to our small family , My mom watching everything on smartphone with poor sound quality , A Bluetooth speaker can give an upgrade to those sounds,

My mother would absolutely love the Liberty air 2 pro. She really loves to ride on her motorcycle and has been enjoying her break recently and she always loves listening to music and the earbuds she has now became wear and tear now so, I’m not sure how long they are going to last. I always believe she deserves the best and so I’ll try my best to win her these earbuds.

My kid’s mother loves to listen to podcasts while working around the kids doing school - and the liberty air 2 pros would be a great upgrade from her Life P2s, with the noise cancelling / hear through mode. And then she could enjoy her podcasts, and easily switch to hearing us through them or not.


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My mum would definitely love the Liberty Air 2 pro. She’s always doing something to keep her busy and using them earphones would allow you to effortlessly take phone calls or listen to music with no distractions.

My mum has asked me about a solution to teach her school children as she cant speak much louder now. So I guess she would love to have motion+. Infact this would be a helping aid to record her lessons and play them in class. Cant be better then motion+.
Thanks for the opportunity.

My mom loves to walk daily in a park in front of my house but we live far from our family, so she use that time to talk to her mom, but she constantly says that their actual earphones sound to bad, and sometimes my grandma doesn’t understand what my mom says, so she would love the liberty air 2 pro for their excelent microphones, quality sound, and the noise cancelling.

Good luck everyone entering! Will stay out of this one since my mom can literally use any of the headphones and earbuds we have at home (including a pair that she already has)


My mom is always on the go and LOVES the active noise canceling feature so she’d love the Liberty Air 2 Pro!! :heart:

My mom has a lot of online calls and she would be over the moon to get the Liberty Air 2 Pro’s! One of her friend’s has the Liberty Air 2 Pro’s and she loved it, she even noted it down to buy soon! She is currently using an old pair of Soundcore headphones which don’t work too well anymore and these Liberty Air 2 Pro’s would be amazing for her! Other than the LA2P, she would love the Q30’s for work

I retweeted it and I’ll add a picture later

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My mom likes to watch live streams so I think the Liberty Air 2 Pro is the best prize for she.

I think me and especially my dad would prefer her to have the Liberty Air 2 Pros so she’s a little quieter where blasting out random music or watching videos obnoxiously on her phone :smile: I feel she may have fun with the Motion+ too though.

Shared on my twitter, good luck all!

My mom loves to do zoom meetings. Liberty Air 2 Pro would be a good mother’s day gift for her