Motion B is a review of any interest?

I will receive a Motion B the next time.
I will try to write a review though it quite an old model.

But I dont know if this is really necessary, as there might be not such a big interest.

Is somebody here you has this model?


A new take is always welcomed @Chiquinho :wink:

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But I dont know which speaker I should compare.
The motion B is “another class” than those I have,

But I will do something
Best will be the photos! :wink:

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I don’t see why not, I’ll be posting a Flare review soon and I know there’ve been plenty.

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New reviews are always welcome!

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I got the speaker yesterday.
Unfortunately I got a defective one.
I know there is NO warranty on donated items, but I wrote to the support.
All in vacations at the moment, such are needed for those who work. :smiley:
But may be I i’ll get an answer when holidays are over…
Think the speaker can be refurbished easily.
But I don’t know were to send…

When I won my boost awhile back I got a defective model. I took a video of the problem and sent it as proof of the problem to ANKER support. ANKER asked me for the serial number to the speaker and once it was confirmed they sent me a new one.

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The warranty should be valid at time of receipt…several months down the line it’s more at their discretion…I think they will sort you out with a replacement once they are back from their hols…


Some things are going on that seem to point to some issues with the Motion B…

Mine has a volume up/down control that will not operate using a connected Bluetooth device’s (iPhone/iPad) volume up/down buttons as I mentioned in another topic. The volume up/down buttons on the speaker itself work fine though…

Yours is defective in some other unknown way.

The speaker is nowhere to be seen on

I’ve seen the speaker on Amazon with some drastic price reductions.

Kinda makes me wonder… :thinking:

I am sure too!
Old crew member I am.
No issues at all.
But this was really the FIRST!!! defective item I got.
Great quality.
Those things happen of course!

Doesn’t charge at all.
Used different cables though this was really not necessary, because I know about those speakers.

Got a replacement today.
Thank you from the service.
You are really THE BEST!
This one works of course.
Will play around an write something. :wink:

I got my second Motion B which also has the same issue as my first…the paired device’s volume buttons will not raise/lower the volume on the speaker in games under iOS. The on-screen volume indicator moves up/down correctly but the speaker itself does not react or correspond to what the display shows. The only way to raise/lower the volume within any game is to use the speaker’s volume +/- buttons.

YouTube, music/videos and Home Screen volume settings are all controlled by the device’s side buttons correctly. Very odd :thinking:

Having a second Motion B react exactly the same way is a sign that this may be a widespread issue with the model. No other Anker speakers I own have this issue. Maybe a firmware update can correct it?

Looking forward to your comments, Franz. :+1:

Checked it.
Works on both sides
Volume control via speaker and laptop, no issues
LINUX MINT (Banshee)
Will test it with a Samsung tablet as well.

Do you have an iOS device to test it with?

As I mentioned below, it seems (at least on my end) that iOS devices are the only ones that are showing this issue as I’ve tested with a Windows 7 desktop PC as well as a MacBook Pro which are both fine…

Here’s the link to my original post regarding the issue.

Not at the moment, but I will ask my daughter.
But I am not sure there are games, :wink:

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