Motion+ Bluetooth dips in and out sporadically


I have two new Motion+ speakers that I have bought to pair with a Google Home/Hub to play a 10 hour YouTube video overnight as a sleeping aid, to help drown out noise from outside.

However, despite pairing both speakers together fairly easily, it does seem to come in to quite a bit of interference or for some other reason, it seems to momentarily dip in and out for a few seconds periodically. I can’t figure out why this is, I’ve tried moving the Google Home Hub closer to the speakers and that has made no difference.

The speakers are either side of the bed, and so aren’t far away from each other either. I’ve tried turning them off, unpairing them from the Google Home Hub and readding/repairing, and there’s not been much improvement.

Any ideas?

You should try the “experimental setup” without that Google hub.
We have to find out if there is a speaker issue or may be a prob with the Google hub.

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I have tried setting up again with using my phone (Google Pixel 4 XL) as the source of the media/bluetooth and a similar problem occured.

Is it possible, do you know for me to connect via Bluetooth and then use an aux cable or similar to connect to the other Motion+ speaker? I’m worried it’s the Bluetooth connection between the two speakers that’s causing issues. It seems to play fine when it’s just one speaker connected, but as soon as it’s the two speakers connected together - that’s when the issues occur.

Thanks, Joe

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I would try to switch which was paired first. If motion A was paired first to motion B. I say switch it. Pair B first then pair to A. See if you get the same results. If no or maybe on A it will dip, you know it is motion A.

I would also try a non Google device just to make sure it is not a Google thing.