Motion Boom and Motion+ not able to connect through TWS - would be a great soundcore ecosystem feature

I was trying to connect one boom and one motion+ through TWS. Unfortunately this does not work :frowning:
Has anyone tried to connect them through TWS and got it working and/or is there a FW update planned on both speakers to be able to connect them.
From an soundcore ecosystem point of view this should be possible from my point of view.

What do you think?

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You can reach out to service / support, but typically TWS only seems to pair with same generation of same product. Motion + and motion + or motion and motion.

Several members here have had issues with other product lines pairing (I.e. icon mini).

One would think should be possible. But doubtful that it’s likely.


thank you very much @TheSnarkyOne, will contact support regarding that.

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Start of the week, should yield a rapid response for your inquiry,

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As mentioned by @TheSnarkyOne, you can only use TWS with the same model/generation of speaker. If I had to guess I would say that’s because when using TWS you only hook up one of the speakers (left channel) up to your phone, PC, etc, via Bluetooth. That speakers controls the other (right channel - the one not hooked up). I’m assuming for that to be viable, they both have to be the same model/generation.

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There is a write up Anker post of how the TWS works and based on that it’s no surprise TWS requires identical hardware (radio, DAC) and can differ only in other ways (lights).

Also if sound is different you’d want symmetry anyway for each channel.

The Wishlist is for Partycast to do TWS also so each speaker can be left or right or mono. Imagine if on left side of room you have multiple speakers and right side of room multiple speakers each side their own channel.

If enough ask then increased chance of getting in future products.

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Thank you very much @The_Professor, @Steve976 and @TheSnarkyOne for your answers.
Fully understood, it really depends on the implementation of the TWS feature. And how you described it it will only work with the same kind of HW.
I was just wondering since motion boom and motion+ look pretty similar (yes using different codescs aptX, AAC and only SBC) and I though to give it a chance.

Yes, the more ask the more likely the possibility might be to get it in the furture.
I already sent an email to the soundcore support.


Indeed and looking forwards there’s features in Bluetooth 5.2 which makes this better.

Doesn’t help what you have in your hands, but if we imagine a better future and ask for it then we’ve done all we can.

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