Motion boom better than party speakers?

The motion boom speaker might be the best one yet. I have had the Rave neo, and Rave Partycast in the past, and even though the nice RGB lights go along with the beat and both of them have great sound. I think the motion boom sounds even better than those speakers and for $79, when you get it at a discount, it should be a definite buy. Its big, yet compact and small great for traveling or getting a cheap speaker for your desktop and hiding it somewhere. The moving passive radiator also makes it a cool feature :slight_smile:


Agreed. The Motion Boom is Soundcore’s best speaker yet as far as sound quality goes.

weird right, its one of the cheaper speakers but yet better than the party speakers, and i think its louder too

It is possible to make the Rave Neo way louder with custom EQ.

yeah but nothing compared to the motion boom, almost makes me think that I had something wrong with my rave neo

The Rave Neo is easily louder than the boom with the right settings.

Never could test that boom!.
I had really some types before in use and tested these.
Many I donated to family members and to friends,
So I kept only a few.
What I really like are my two flares in stereo mode
and my ZERO (out of production, was too sophisticated (shape) :smile:)