MOTION BOOM - But Does It JAM Though?

Just wanted to give a shoutout to @Just_Doin_Life in case you missed his newest video about the Motion Boom! And if ONE is good… TWO must be Better!

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Will have to catch it after work as I have to take a short trip there. :frowning:

I caught that video. I love how hyped he gets about these things… so much fun watching him enjoy himself just jamming out to music :joy:


Of course it does. Jam in motion is the way to go. I think?

It would be cool if Soundcore made Jamovision. Where you can hear the thumping jams of what they are doing. :rofl:

Turning on the MOTION BOOM be like

2 motion boom!

BUMM :rofl:

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Good one @Chiquinho

Nice review

Well Well Well let’s find out