Motion Boom custom EQ for better clarity and open sound question

Hello sound enthusiasts,
Yesterday I bought Motion Boom and bass from this speaker is really amazing for the size of speaker. I am currently using Alan Ross custom EQ (+5 +2 +0 +3 +2 -1+2 +1 +5) and it sounds quite muffled which increases with listening angle.
Which frequency range can improve clarity for instruments like cymbals please? There is missing some clear Hi-Hat for my ears.
Is any way how to improve EQ for this please?
Can be Hi-Hat and overall clarity also improved if I buy second Boom for TWS please?
I had the same sound issue even with JBL partybox 100 with dedicated “cheap” tweeters.
I am not audiophile and wondering if my ears are more sensitive or just deaf but even with my office BT headphones Plantronics Voyager Focus UC B825-M I can hear all things very well :slight_smile:

Update 31st May:
I wasn’t enough satisfied with sound after few days of EQ tunning. So I returned Boom and ordered Aiwa Exos-9. I know that Aiwa is larger speaker and much more expensive but his speaker is really awesome and solved my problem. Once I startarted hi-res files over AaptX I was completely stunned by sound quality. Only disadvantage I found is that in comparison with JBL Partybox 100 Aiwa with a bit larger woofer don’t play as deep bass like PB100.
Anyway thanks to all for help and great support here.

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I really like my Motion Booms. Instead of rehashing everything I wrote, I’ll post a link to a thread/review I wrote about them. I will say listening angle is a big part, especially for the highs. I like to have them head high or angled that way. I also have a picture of my EQ settings icluded in that thread in case that might help.

Spoiler alert - 2 is better than 1


The Motion Boom does indeed struggle with clarity at larger listening angles. The 5khz, 9khz, and 13khz sliders in the custom EQ can be increased to improve clarity. Another solution I found is that the speaker can be tilted backwards on a flat surface to point towards you more directly, as seen in the photo below. I also attached my custom EQ if you want to give that a try.


did this EQ still revelant for the latest firmware update?

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#Option 1 give the best experience (I always change angle for MB, but I didn’t know that it will stay on flat surface quite steady :slight_smile: )

I don’t know why Soundcore do not change angle as they did in Motion Plus