Motion Boom custom EQ for better clarity and open sound question

Hello sound enthusiasts,
Yesterday I bought Motion Boom and bass from this speaker is really amazing for the size of speaker. I am currently using Alan Ross custom EQ (+5 +2 +0 +3 +2 -1+2 +1 +5) and it sounds quite muffled which increases with listening angle.
Which frequency range can improve clarity for instruments like cymbals please? There is missing some clear Hi-Hat for my ears.
Is any way how to improve EQ for this please?
Can be Hi-Hat and overall clarity also improved if I buy second Boom for TWS please?
I had the same sound issue even with JBL partybox 100 with dedicated “cheap” tweeters.
I am not audiophile and wondering if my ears are more sensitive or just deaf but even with my office BT headphones Plantronics Voyager Focus UC B825-M I can hear all things very well :slight_smile:

Update 31st May:
I wasn’t enough satisfied with sound after few days of EQ tunning. So I returned Boom and ordered Aiwa Exos-9. I know that Aiwa is larger speaker and much more expensive but his speaker is really awesome and solved my problem. Once I startarted hi-res files over AaptX I was completely stunned by sound quality. Only disadvantage I found is that in comparison with JBL Partybox 100 Aiwa with a bit larger woofer don’t play as deep bass like PB100.
Anyway thanks to all for help and great support here.


I really like my Motion Booms. Instead of rehashing everything I wrote, I’ll post a link to a thread/review I wrote about them. I will say listening angle is a big part, especially for the highs. I like to have them head high or angled that way. I also have a picture of my EQ settings icluded in that thread in case that might help.

Spoiler alert - 2 is better than 1


The Motion Boom does indeed struggle with clarity at larger listening angles. The 5khz, 9khz, and 13khz sliders in the custom EQ can be increased to improve clarity. Another solution I found is that the speaker can be tilted backwards on a flat surface to point towards you more directly, as seen in the photo below. I also attached my custom EQ if you want to give that a try.


did this EQ still revelant for the latest firmware update?

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#Option 1 give the best experience (I always change angle for MB, but I didn’t know that it will stay on flat surface quite steady :slight_smile: )

I don’t know why Soundcore do not change angle as they did in Motion Plus

I got great custom eq. Please try it. Plays really nice. +4 +3 +3+6 +8 +7 +5 +7 +8


Equalização muito boa, parabéns !:+1:t3:


The best i found yet. <3 Thanks !


No worries. Iam happy you like it. I played with the speaker for some time to get the best sound from it.

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This really is the best sound I’ve gotten from my Motion Boom Plus so far. I was pulling my hair out trying to strike the right balance and it was always lacking in one way or another. Thank you for sharing!!!


Yes indeed there is one thing the “Bass fanatics” always forget : The midsts.
Very important.:grin:

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Iam so glad that you like it. Yest motion boom got great bass but I was lacking details from my old motion+. That EQ is the best I managed to get from this speaker. Now Iam happy enough to keep it for a long time. Happy Christmas.

My thought exactly! I was getting great bass but the mids and highs were muddy. Then I’d get the highs sorted but the bass would either overpower or underwhelm, even with the boost.

I also copied Alan Ross settings. They sounded better than stock. But Rtings have made a detailed review, with raw frequency response. So I just adjusted the different parts up to reference. Sounds so good imo. :slight_smile: Alan Ross had way too much mids, and as you can also see on Rtings, it’s already mid dominated, so needs to be toned down. If you want to try it out, here are the settings:

80 +8 (Can do +5/+6 indoor)
150 +4 (Can do +2/+3 indoor)
300 -1
600 -2
1.2k +1
2.5k +1 or +2
5k +6
9k +6
13k +1


If the speaker is very close to walls etc, the bass can be too much. I have the indoor eq setting for that. Also using it on songs where the speaker can’t do the bass properly.

EDIT: I tried taking into account moreso the frequency readings close by each frequency value. Here are the eq settings if you want to mess around with it:

80 +5
150 +2 or +3
300 0 or -1
600 -1 or -2
1.2k +1 or +2
2.5k +1 or +2
5k +5
9k +5
13k +1 or +2

Here I tried matching other responses, trying to match the linear response here also gives a very good result. Sounds a bit cleaner and neutral, but not as “rich/dynamic”. Settings:

80 +6
150 +1
300 -4
600 -5
1.2k -2
2.5k -1
5k +2
9k +2
13k -3


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Thank you for this

Will someone please explain to me how to post an image to this thread? Thank you!

Thats an easy question which can be answered without any support! :rofl:


When starting to write a message in a thread,
one sees here some icons which one can be used to design that message
The icon (red arrow) allows you to upload pictures
Those should not be too big of course.

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Mine spends the vast majority of its time on top of my bed, placed in the corner of the bedroom, aimed at my ear as I lay on my pillow. In that situation, this setting works fairly well:

I would’ve been a lot happier with my purchase if it’d sounded at least this good from the factory as a result of using better drivers rather than doing so electronically/digitally. Without the EQ, I wouldn’t be able to tolerate it. On top of the 2-3 KHz peak, there’s a rising response above 8 KHz that gives a very metallic sound signature, as is common with metal diaphragms. There’s also a slight bump near 67 Hz, which is likely the result of weak neodymium motors and the resulting high Qes/low Bl in the small reflex configuration. There also seems to be a 12 dB/octave high-pass filter set at around 60 Hz through electronic/digital means, resulting in too sharp of a roll-off, likely greater than 24 dB/octave. This gives the “bass” a very tubby and fake resonant character. I’m considering some experimentation with damping material in the near future, possibly stuffing the enclosure quite densely, but I don’t want to damage the electronics that share the same space. There are audible resonances occuring throughout the 300-700 Hz region as well. I’m uncertain of the source of these vibrations, but I’d like to find out where they’re originating. The highs are extremely directional, and lobing between the right and left channels is clearly obvious and bothersome. Paired with my phone, response drops quickly past 13 KHz, which is way too low, especially from a metal driver this size. All of this leads to a very cheap, fake, boomy, tizzy, sizzling sound signature with a shouty upper midrange/lower treble. However, even with the lacking software provided, the sound from these units can be made somewhat tolerable in some areas. Improve on all of these aspects, and you’d have an outstanding product! Please, don’t ever ditch the fantastic battery life! I hope the battery lasts for many years as well. Thank you for your time.

Simon107 this is BY FAR the absolute best EQ setting for this speaker. You saved me a TON of work trying to get this thing to sound the way it should. THIS right here is exactly how a speaker should sound! It is absolute perfection! Thank you! :grin:

@drphibes13.08 thank you so much. It’s nice to hear it that you like it and its not only my feeling that it sounds right.

I was frustrated with Alan Ross eq and I try everything I could. Iam taking this to my friends party’s and we are dancing like crazy.
Really nice and affordable speaker.
Best Regards