Motion Boom no sound. Completely muted

Hello. Recently I’ve got shipped my new Motion Boom model. The day I’ve got it - it worked flawlessly. Very exciting.
The next day I turned it on and it was weird, because no notification sounds were played that moment. Connected to my phone as usual, trying to play stuff and yet it’s completely muted. The volume was set at maximum, tried to control it with speaker buttons as well as on the phone.
How it’s possible to break by just being turned off and idle?

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Don’t have this but can it be just discharged?
If it’s charged I suggest reset:
Hold the Bluetooth and Volume+ buttons down at the same time for 5-10 seconds until Motion Boom restarts.

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I was able to connect to it via bluetooh and it was at 80% battery. At least my phone told that. Now I’m charging it and hoping for the best. By the way, I did this reset combo earlier. It’s weird that speaker’s interface buttons don’t play any feedback sound anymore

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I suggest to contact customer service by email
They are always helpful

Best would be after you made all suggestions (reset speaker, phone)
to contact the support.

I agree. They would want you to restart it, reset it, and unpair it to device and do the reconnect as well.

What is the device you are using that worked the first date and not the second day.

Restarted, resetted, unpaired and reconnected, charged to full. Tested on two mobile phones with different Android OS versions (10 and 11).
The key point is that even if the speaker is unpaired, the feedback sound from pressing buttons is gone as well.
For example, I could easily hear beeping when pressing Bluetooth button, now it’s dead silent.

Seems to be defective. :roll_eyes:
You should contact the support.