Motion boom pairing two speakers

I was told I could pair two soundcore motion booms but I am not able to figure it out. Please help!?

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Take a look there :

If you got the two speakers paired make sure you connect the master to your bt device, not the slave.

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How do I pair 2 Motion Boom speakers together wirelessly?
1. Turn on 2 Motion Boom speakers and connect one to your device via Bluetooth.
2. Press the TWS button on both speakers.
3. Keep the speakers close together so that they can automatically connect to each other.

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I would suggest if these work for you that you bookmark this thread for a reference material for yourself.

I would practice synching them at some point to make the process easier.

Once I paired mine, they stay paired, unless I un-pair them @Duane_Lester .

What I mean is if I turn them both on when they are in vicinity of each other, they go into TWS mode. I don’t have to re-pair them every time I use them, they remember the TWS setting. I can still use them separately though without them forgetting they are paired in TWS when I turn them on together. It really works great.

That was fornthe thread creator.

Yeah, I figured. I was just letting you know in case you don’t have 2 of them. From my understanding, not all TWS speakers behave so well. I’m just impressed by these.

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Anyone know the pairing distance? I have an open space 40x50 foot barn that I want to put 1 in each corner (back 2 corners)

I’m sitting outside on my porch listening to mine at the moment. When I saw your post, I did a quick measurement. I left the Master (the one connected to Bluetooth on my porch with my phone) and grabbed the secondary speaker and walked 60 feet away with no dropouts. I actually kept walking across the street to my neighbors driveway and still no dropouts. I stopped before I had any dropouts.

Keep in mind this is outside, with a direct line of sight. With obstacles in the way, I don’t know. As always YMMV. I hope that helps. @element321

Edit: I’m not sure if this helps but here’s a picture. I walked about halfway up my neighbors driveway and the speaker I was holding was still playing fine. It’s about 65 feet (from the front seat of the golf cart it’s 60 feet to the middle of the road) to the middle of the road from my porch. As you can see from the picture the Master speaker is elevated off the ground, but the driveway also slants up.


That helps a lot. There will not be line of site issues. I might even be able to set up one on my porch and one in the barn at that distance. Thanks for testing.


Well another thread that just keeps reminding that maybe I should get another motion boom

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Does it really make sense to locate stereo speakers at such a distance?
Right and left channel?
May be if you play only mono.

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You make a good point. I was just walking it off because he got me curious. TBH I couldn’t hear the one on the porch at that point, but I didn’t have them blasting either.

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@Steve976 Thanks for this distance test. :slightly_smiling_face:
65 feet is about 20 meters. Nice Bluetooth performance :clap:.


Outdoors, with a long distance from the nearest interference.

While BT is on slightly different frequencies from WiFi, the frequency spreads from diffraction and reflection so you get interference from everything in the same 2.4Ghz range.

Curious if anyone can do a test?

The technical documents suggest the master is not forwarding the signal to the slave, but cloning the master MAC to the slave then the source transmits to the MAC and both master and slave receive.

If that is true if you took both speakers to a longer distance they’d cut out at the same point as if you took the slave only. If it’s false then your slave would get out further if the master was midway.

If anyone wants to test…

Only be able to hear half the song… :rofl::joy:

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In my case, I’m bouncing sound off metal walls inside a large open area building. Since I will be doing most of my projects in the center of the build it should be fine.

I use to run a wired 4.1 channel system in one of my old shops and it worked good.


You maybe should record the experience to share with us :wink:

OK this sounds reasonable.
And now we know why you are avoiding cable connections. :joy:


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Might have to :slight_smile:

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