Motion Boom Plus Update

It’s no secret the latest launch didn’t quite go to plan. On May 30th we launched our new Motion Boom Plus speakers and experienced issues with the early bird discount codes and delays in getting the codes to everyone who signed up for it. We hold our hands up to say we messed up and we’re sorry. We honestly were not expecting the speakers to be in such high demand, for that we definitely need to do better next time.

Next Steps

Our team are currently taking the following steps to try and solve the problems:


Due to the high demand, we are currently experiencing some stock shortages on certain stores. Our team are working on getting more units out to meet the demand and we aim to get them to the warehouses no later than June 15th.

Be sure to check both our official website or Amazon periodically to see if Motion Boom Plus becomes available. The discount codes can be used on both our official Soundcore website and Amazon.

Discount Code Expiry Date

We know we were late in getting these out and we are improving the process to make sure we don’t leave you disappointed again. All the early bird coupon discount codes have been extended to June 19th.


If you still have any issues with your discount codes or issues getting stock, please contact our team at with your order number and they will be able to help you.

We are very sorry for disappointing you and we hope that you will continue to support us.

– Soundcore Team


It’s okay for me, i am getting it delivered today.
Let’s just hope that the Boom plus meets expectations so i can give a AAA review.

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This “Update” had to be published a little bit earlier. :wink:
Many upset customers.
Such things need to be improved.
A good reputation created this way is much more than those propaganda videos on YT. :laughing:

But to publish such an excuse here is the beginning of improvement.:smiley:

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I applaud you for admitting you made mistakes. Hopefully, communication will be one of the improvements you will focus on next time. As for customers in the U.S., Amazon still is taking orders and as of this writing they are now expecting to ship in about a week out, and they do accept the early bird discount code so long as you see Ankerdirect as a seller. I was able to apply mine yesterday to an order I had made the day before at regular price by contacting them (had them call me) and giving them the code I finally received. So far 5 star reviews on the product!


I am not getting it but it does look pretty awesome and could see why it may have been in high demand but sometimes projections are just not as what you may think they would be. I like to think of it as a nostalgia item. It reminds me of digital boom boxes that we use to all have during the 80s and 90s.

A wise man can admit when he is wrong and sorry.

Will have to say it is nice to see the Boom being such a nice hit for Soundcore.


Do we know many units sold? A guess from all the messages here and other places I’m seeing 100-200 units.

The battery life reviews at loud volume will be interesting. I’m seeing 13.4Ah, and see its 7.2V so 96Wh battery. Assuming they meant 80W as the sum of max of all drivers and it can only play all of them at half sum of max is 2h20m, quite a bit less than 20h.


Nice to see any admission of mistakes, and that moves are being made to rectify them.

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It takes guts to admit that mistakes were made. Also, if you can’t admit that, you won’t try to improve. Well done! :+1:

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Seems Motion Boom Plus is real bestseller.
Admition of mistake is a huge step step to improvement.

Received mine today!
First impression: A+


What about a review with some photos added? :smile:


What charger do you have? (if you don’t know just show some photos of the underside showing its specs) and what battery life and recharge time do you experience? Aware it would take days / weeks to know as you have to empty / recharge / empty til you know.

I have had it for just over 6 hours. Love the sound. Using it on my deck. Just started to play with the EQ in the app. Found a sweet spot for me. Gets plenty loud without significant distortion until about maxed out. Loud enough to irritate the neighbors if I like. The included carry strap is very good quality. Battery life is an unknown for now. I’m a happy camper!

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Just got mine in. Charging 5v 2.4a. I came here to see if anyone was having any issues or firmware comments before doing anything. Speaker is solid, and much larger than the original booms. I will update on sound soon as I put on something.


I couldn’t think of how to send a pic, and hope this is acceptable. If not please advise alternative, thank


If you come here via a browser there’s an attach photo bottom right

If you come here via the app it’s missing.


Good to know. I see it now oof :woozy_face:

Had an update on boom plus. I can hear a slight difference in the mid/high range. No problems yet overall. This thing packs a punch, and holds up on good range without the bass being overbearing. I’m going to try my hand at doing a wired connection with a 4 channel amp, and a DAC (it’s coming in the mail today.) I bought some gold plated tip cables. Already tried plugging the boom and both motions to a splitter. It handled all 3 without latency issues, but needs the amp because it wasn’t as loud. I lose count but I’m up to 16 speakers now I think.



I give mine away if I have more than I need. I have one for laptop, and two for around house when moving. Someone is visiting next week and I’m giving them a speaker I’m not using.

Hey I’ve noticed a big improvement in low volume listening anker have delivered on their promise

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Its always good to play around with things and getting more and more of experience.
And the best is sharing it here.

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