Motion Boom Plus Update

Nice to hear this.

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The update to V0.34 cut the airiness on my two Boom Plus. I just can’t find an EQ setting that I like to listen to for a longer period of time (listen to stereo in the office for about 4 hours a day). Up until now, the Plus was superior to the normal Boom precisely in the area of the fine high tones, but this advantage is now gone.

I’m looking for a review of the new update. Hopefully it improved it.

Wasn’t it discussed in depth here?

Seems before there was an app, the beta / review units had a firmware version which sounded best. Then app available forced an update to 6Khz peak you cannot EQ away, and the newer firmware still hasn’t removed the 6Khz peak but tried to hide it by increasing mids.

He also briefly states the battery is small which is baffling for the price.

I’m still seeing the argument is to buy two Motion Boom rather than one Boom Plus.