Motion boom plus

Does the motion boom plus support fast charging??


Unsure but I would check with as they would have better info.

If I am guessing, I would say yes but you know what they say about assuming. :smile:

Define “fast charging” (hint: you can’t).

Anyone has the manual?

In the meantime here’s it’s label

So that’s quite a rare specification. 5V 3A, most people won’t own a charger that can do that. I’m surprised they didn’t say 9V 2A / 5V 3A as the cells inside this speaker are 7.2V so would be happy with 9V and then most modern phone chargers would be good enough.

You’d have to check your charger , look at its 5V amps A simple 5V 3A 15W would be perfect Most Anker 5V chargers are 2.4A. So someone who doesn’t understand Volts Current protocols may say “my fast charger is slow” when they probably have a 9V 2A / 5V 2A charger and 2A < 3A. Some “fast charge” chargers will default to 5V 1A so a third the ideal power.

Best favour you can do yourself is use the shortest cable, if it has to be longer cable then the thickest cable.

Opinion: given the high price for this speaker, they should have made it accept Anker’s IQ3 and 9V 2A so then most good phone chargers would work good, to have made it 5V 3A means most people will own chargers capable of a third to half what is ideally required. Waiting for the battery life and recharge times owners reviews (that social media lightweights don’t bother looking at).

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IIRC it can charge at up to 15 Watts. Not sure what you consider fast?


Actually depending what you mean by “fast” it can be slower as a “fast” 27W would deliver 5W or 10W while a 15W would deliver 15W so be faster than a “fast” charger. Dangerous ambiguity.

Magnifying glass on the specs on the charger, it’s obvious if you read it. Something saying 5V 3A (full stop) is perfect.

Or put it another way, no the speaker doesn’t support “fast” charging as if you connected a 27W “fast” charger it doesn’t use the 9V so wouldn’t get 15W via 9V 1
7A, like say most phones do.

Something of a cheap cost cutting, saved Soundcore say $3 not including a DC-DC converter.

I will join the others in telling fast charging isn’t clear description. I expect it jas pretty fast charging.

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I do not have this but for 180, I would think they would have given them a cord and plug in as well, hopefully

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If not then as illustrative example from UK then this is a perfect match

I think it’s the only one which is best match, everything else Anker would be worse as I think all the others are 5V 2.4A 12W or 5V 2A 10W.

No charger included. e.g unboxing shows just cable and strap.

This video does call out what is explicitly stated this can only pair with identical or TWS.

As for recharge times, I can guess. It’s a 7.2V 13.4Ah 96.5Wh so just under 100Wh, so you can use their Powercore 26800 products as a guess.

Assuming 80% efficiency.

From 0-85% , 82Wh, 15W @ 80% efficiency ~ 6.8hr

Assume half that speed to 100%, total 9.2hr

So that’s definitely an overnight recharge.

However if you did keep it plugged into power, as 80W is a lot more than 15W it would still slowly discharge on loud volume.

So an example of you played it loud on battery it would last say 2.5Hr but if you kept it on power that would to say 3hr.

A decent reviewer can test.

Nope, just the speaker and a usb cable plus carrying strap.

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