Motion Boom Volume Issue

Has anyone noticed that after a while of listening to the Motion Boom that the volume decreases? It sounds like a notch or 2 lower. I think it’s to save battery because when you listen to it while charging it never does this. I don’t like that it does this because when you raise the volume it still limits ur bass at the same volume levels. I have to turn it off and back on to get the same normal volume out of them and it’s just annoying. Soundcoere can this be fixed with a software update?


Dont have that speaker, but the same happens with the Zero.
But I dont mind.

Perhaps @steve976 can test out for you as he has a pair of these. I don’t recall him mentioning this specifically.

I don’t have this one either, but my flares dont seem to do.


I have Motion Boom, but I don’t have the problem you described.
The volume level is constant and does not decrease.


Hi I have Motion Boom and I don’t have this issue.
-Discharge battery and then charge it again
-Factory reset

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Don’t have this. Sounds weird. I suggest to make factory reset.


I don’t have this issue. Now different recordings are recorded at different levels.

The only way to test what the OP is saying is to sit there with a SPL meter and play the same song on repeat over and over while taking measurements. Quite frankly, I have better things to do with my time.

All that being said I’ve never noticed the volume in general decreasing as I play my Booms. Like I said, if a quiet song comes on, it will be quieter, but that’s to be expected.

Edit: I wonder if it’s your phone that’s having the issue? I mention this because my old phone would drop the Bluetooth volume after getting a few messages/notifications until I rebooted it. Since getting my LG G8, I’ve never had that issue again.

It would happen in the middle of a song after the notification sound. The volume would then drop substantially, so it was quite noticeable.


I’m gonna check if it does it on my phone I have my booms connected to a Chromecast with Google TV most of the time. Maybe it’s that that’s actually lowering the volume but I’ll see.

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