Motion Boom went up in price 89.99 now 99.99

Just seen on amazon that the boom is now 99.99 instead of 89.99… wonder why that is? Hope everyone has a good day and can’t wait till Jan 12th to see some announcements from soundcore!!!

I don’t track the price of all items but some I have and it is not that rare for RRP increase in truth, it is often used to make an upcoming discount look larger $ %.

It could also be currency related. The Dollar is about 10% weaker now due to the two well known factors.

Maybe it is also supply and demand. The demand is strong and thus they can increase the price to maximize the sales.

But would say @Chiquinho is more accurate.

The market rules the prize, easy! :smiley:

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To a certain degree yes but it’s not so simple. If a product is popular then break-even point of unit sales occurs earlier, so the higher profit period is earlier so more scope for discount earlier. It is only during scarcity does the simple supply / demand rules apply but in technology after a few months, it doesn’t apply as supply increases and economies begin.

I never believe in special offers.
Often they increase the price very silent and then they are proud giving some discount!.
Eg. super markets.

Or do you believe in statistics made by the government to show us how small the inflation rate is?

As far I know the use so called “baskets” here.
Whats inside?
Not only the costs for daily customer goods.
TV, refrigerators etc.
When have you bought your last refrigerator?
We did 10 years before so far, so I am sure its cheaper now.
The whole system if full of lies!

If they’ve made the price $99 then that’s the same initial price of the Motion+ which regularly discounted to $70 so that’s the price to wait for the Motion Boom.

Patience will get the price you want.

It’s most likely temporary until they can make more or demand lowers. Q30 went up from $80 to $100 back in December as well. Only lasted about 2 days though so not surprised or concerned at the moment.

Ive seen a couple fluctuations temporarily lately but they usually change in a couple days

Governments are good at number manipulation. You leave out viral info of stats and you can make a mountain out of a mole hill.

The price will drop down again