Motion+ Can I turn off the Bluetooth when using it in Aux mode?

I have just got the speaker and am using it Bluetooth with my phone and laptop and in Aux with my old laptop (it does not have Bluetooth)

But I have noticed that if I unlock my phone there is a small pause in the audio from the Aux input.

So is it possible to completely switch off Bluetooth on the speaker when using it in Aux?

I can not turn off Bluetooth on my phone as I need it for my smart watch.

I dont think so.
What happens if you delete the speaker from the bt list of the phone.

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I can do that but annoying that I then need to re-pair it yo use it again.
Also it is possible to disconnect it from the Bluetooth settings on the phone but seems to reconnect automatically after some time, not quite sure what makes it reconnect (time, taking the phone out of range then back or other)

Exactly that is what I thought.
The speaker connects to the phone automatically.

@spamthroat Sorry for the trouble. Please note that the Bluetooth indicator flashes when in pairing mode and it can’t be disabled unless you try to forget the device in the Bluetooth list of your phone. Normally, the speaker will automatically connect to the last connected device.

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