Motion + frequently loses EQ settings - Very Annoying

As mentioned in Soundcore site review by Aaron on 03/11/20, the Motion + has a habit of frequently defaulting back to the “Bass Up” mode when the speaker is turned back on after being off for an hour or longer. It has happened on two separate Motion + speakers, so likely not a one-off QC issue. This issue is random and doesn’t seem to be related to bluetooth connection/disconnection actions. What’s more annoying is that when I then link it to the app, I find that my custom EQ profile has been lost so I have to re-enter it manually each time. I would just leave the speaker plugged into my USB charger and turned on to avoid EQ defaulting to Bass Up and profile loss, but I’ve been advised by Soundcore not to leave it on and charging for safety reasons. Maybe this is a problem that can be addressed in a future firmware update?

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I confirm that custom EQ reset problem exists on the latest firmware version 34.38