Motion Plus price increasing as it gets older?

I keep seeing reviews that speak of the speaker once being around $89. Then it went up to $99. Currently I can’t find it for less than $105…$110 for the Blue or Red. Used to be considered a good value. But now…?

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Prices fluctuate wildly, subject to supply demand and they do a rolling rotating discount on a section of products.

In general, a past discounted price will be revisited every few weeks, the Motion+ has been $70 before so patience.

Typically a price hike preludes a discount so there is an apparent (not true, made up) deep discount claim later.

“50% discount” needs some validity when made.

Probably, just a guess, this price hike is before a deep discount coming at some date, probably down to $70 but possibly lower.

You’re a wealth of information! Thank you kindly for this data. Being that I despise the feeling of not getting a good deal, it looks like I’ll sit tight for a little while longer.
Thanx again!

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To get the best deals you need to invest time.

If in USA check out kinjadeals they sometimes get discount codes.

Set an alert on camelcamelcamel , you paste the Amazon link of the items you want, set an alert price then give them an email address. Note it does not capture vouchers and often Soundcore use vouchers.

Visit here often the deals section.

Be an active participant here, there are competitions.

Patience. A watched clock ticks slowly.

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