Motion Pro Coming Soon?

This is a screenshot of a question from a survey for Motion+ owners, accessed via the Soundcore App.


Wow, thanks for sharing, @matthew2ndson. That’s exciting! I would like to see the top three features, don’t care too much about PartyCast, would rather have stereo pairing…


This is an email sent out to owners of Motion+ and similar surveys have gone out for other Anker / Soundcore Products… mostly for firmware updates , as an invite to beta test the firmware.

Anything with surveys for new products / invites / testing, usually goes hand-in-hand with not to be disclosed, I have received couple of emails… but will wait on mentioning those.

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Hmmm, I’ve never had to sign an NDA for a survey…


I will refrain, don’t want to burn my chances :wink:

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Huh? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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getting invites for testing :crazy_face: not the surveys :smiley:

@matthew2ndson clearly indicated that this was part of a survey from the Soundcore app, unrelated to physically beta testing a product.


It may be a coincidence or not sure. I have received similar emails in the past, after completion of the survey, have received invite for the beta testing - had this experience for 2 products. May be my jinx or whatever.

Have received couple of emails for testing a new firmware for a product I am currently using along with a survey. :zipper_mouth_face:

so it is not directly related to what is mentioned on this thread…

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Oooo that’s interesting


never got such an email, though I own such a motion +.
My be those few over the pond have been forgotten.!
I dont mind but others may be a little bit upset about.


getting an invite and taking a survey are two very different things, and as @Insider said you did not sign a NDA for taking a survey so they cant stop you from talking about the survey. and when you got invited to test software or actual products, only then are you asked to sign a NDA so thats holds no merit over what the OP was asking


who knows, maybe i’ll suddenly stop receiving surveys after yapping about this one to everyone here :rofl:

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Hmmm nice I look forward to it. Sadly I never get invited to beta test even though I would love to. But I’m sure others do great with it

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yes, I did acknowledge and mention it


:+1: The same was on my Mind to tell everyone here in the Community no sooner I saw this on 22nd September 2020 after receiving my Purchase of Motion+ on 17th Sept (just 5 days ago), the same month :slightly_smiling_face:

Glad that This :point_up: Topic & its related Discussion has already began by you here.

I am Exited to see what’s gonna be in the Upcoming Motion Pro :heart_eyes: :slightly_smiling_face:

Yess…!!! those first 3 Options are great.
BUT I would say;

• 60W Stereo Output but which should include One Powerful HiRes Midrange Drive right in the Front where the Current Passive Radiator is (with the same Beautiful SoundCore Logo on it).

• A New & Bigger Passive Radiator but which should be Fitted at the Back Side (with the same SoundCore Logo again + two smaller vents on each side of the Radiator with SoundCore name Engraved) :heart:

• 10000 mAh Battery. (Jesoooss…!!!)

• A Battery Indicating LED (5 dots) on Top side where Manual Speaker Controls are (better if it’s somewhere on the right side).

• More Refined & Slightly bigger SubWoofer on the Each Side of the imaginary HiRes Midrange Drive I have mentioned above (if at all if they make this design). That would be OMFG…!!! :grinning: :heart_eyes:

• And a slightly Bigger & Powerful Tweeter (at the same angle & corner).

• The Looks should remain similar to the current one. It really Looks Great…!!! And built like a TANK.
No matter the Extra weight it will gain. What matters the most is “Crystal Clear Pure Authentic Sound”.

• And Finally; May be a THX Certification to Stand out-of-the-box (this is a little TOOOO much) :grinning::pray:

MY DREAM COME TRUE :pray::slightly_smiling_face:

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Well for the clearest stereo output they would not use a mid range driver in the center. They will probably stick with their current design (which is 2 tweeters, 2 woofers, 2 passive radiators) or something very similar, but just size it up in every way. If possible I do think a small active subwoofer in the center to replace the passive radiator would be a nice addition to extend the bass to really low frequencies like even below 50hz maybe at lowest 40hz.

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A survey for a product I am doing a beta on, yes. But not otherwise.

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You are doing Beta for motion + Pro… Will not ask more :+1:

Does anyone have an idea when this motion pro will be released?? Maybe I should stop lookim for deals on the motion + and just wait till this pro is released???

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