Motion Q search results-price

So I was searching through some soundcore headphone to replace my 2 month old giveaway win due to the band cracked as I took them off… So with a little extra Christmas money, I may invest in another pair. PS Duck tape works good too :rofl:

So back looking at headsets results… So, I did a search for Soundcore and part of the results showed a Motion Q. On some sites you will see soundcore prices overcharged due to they are not a certified soundcore dealer.

What caught my eye was a Motion Q that was being charged for 160 dollars that was coming from the soundcore website. When I went to the soundcore website, it showed the motion q but no button to buy it or a price. Unsure if that is a google issue or what?

Correct, the buy button doesn’t take you anywhere.



But I can see it say in Amazon



I know it was about 40. You would think that it show the 40 on the search as well. I did the search with anker soundcore deals. The funny part is even though I did this search about 15 min ago that I do not get the same search again on google. I could see it changing after a couple of days but literally 15 mins and get a different results… LOL

Yeah the soundcore website will have several things that needs to get restocked. I gave him my one survey coupon get 50 off 79.99 and he had to wait on the icon plus for a bit.

I wonder if someone was trying to scam people into thinking it was an apple HomePod they look kind of similar

No, it took you into the Soundcore motion Q page on soundcore

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I’ve seen a lot of these unauthorized dealers selling Anker products 2 or 3 times the regular price lately. Hopefully no one is falling for it.

This was what was showing on the search but when you hit the link it took you to the Soundcore site. Although it was not in stock, I thought it weird to to 160 when it showed up on the search.

What is really more than ridiculous:

This “offer” can be found at the soundcore store!

Such a bargain