Motion+ sound quality

Hello! After many tests, I am listening to music with my motion+ using POWERAMP. It greatly improves the sound quality of the motion +. What do you think…

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You should do a full review of it. Reviews help others to get a sense of how others like it as well as of any dislikes as well. It does seem to be a good speaker.


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I glad you like your soeaker.

I think as long as you have lossless files and a decent music app you’ll be fine. I use MX Player Pro and the results I get are epic.

The real question about is : Can one really hear the difference
The files one can download from YT are mp3 low rated, but for the most “ears” these are OK.

The old story :
One may have a 20K stereo, but will not hear the difference to a 5K one.

I would agree if one has a true “audiophile room”.
1 chair for the listener and the equipment in there, nothing else.
That would make sense for me.

It is going to directly depend upon the quality of the speaker or speakers, how the playback device and software are configured as well as your personal tolerance to sound quality.

Personally, I can definitely hear the difference between a .wav file and an mp3, even one encoded at 320kbps. There’s a distinct muddiness and compression in the low end and a lack of clarity in the highs.

You’re right that some people won’t notice but I’d argue anyone who is a fan of music will.

You are right and more than lucky if your make out the difference.
But never forget the weakest link in that chain is the human ear.

I was a drummer in my youth, so I am more than the weakest link. :rofl:

By the way do you know a website where a free download of flac files is possible.

Happy Easter from München.

Not one I’m willing to share on a public forum no. All the usual suspects will have them but honestly I’d recommend Bandcamp. You can buy individual tunes cheap and the artists get a decent cut. I can’t remember the last time I had to get music from somewhere that wasn’t legit.

I never expect you to publish illegal sources, here is not the place to do that.

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Thank you for the reminder about MX Player Pro @Clive_Winningley . I completely forgot about that app and will give it a try again after forgetting about it for some years.

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perfect - I also use Poweramp and have just ordered a soundcore motion plus. So ok do you know what happens if you have a customized EQ setting on Poweramp and then a different customized EQ setting on the speaker through the app ?? Does won win over the other or how does that work ??

Unsure what you are stating here?

Nothing happens. You can use both at the same time. You are going to get the best sound. Motion + is very good but it needs the help of poweramp. Try listening to music in FLAC format.

Thats true.
But where are recordings offered for free in FLAC format?
All are mp3 on YT. :slightly_smiling_face:

I just mean that if there are 2 eqs operating (one on Poweramp and one on the motion plus itself) then does one of those eqs effectively overide the other one ?? Can they work in unison or should I effectively shut off the Poweramp eq ?? … hope that makes sense

So if the EQs are set differently they don’t kinda interfere with each other (mucking up the sound) ? You’re saying it will work fine to have both operating ? I do have my music in flac :blush:

I use the 2 equalizers at the same time and it sounds great…

Telegram… :shushing_face:

You have to set the equalizer of Motion + more or less flat. Then you can configure Poweramp’s equalizer to your liking. In Poweramp you have to activate the Hi-Res option, put light reverb and then equalize to your liking. I use a slightly V configuration. I assure you that you will get an incredible sound. Better than other more expensive brands.

To get a better sound in Poweramp you have to increase the number of frequency bands. I use 18. In settings there is an option to do that.