Motion+ stereo pair issues

Totally agree but that’s nearly impossible for any Bluetooth product can fulfill without a lot of luck.

It’s extremely difficult for a Bluetooth chipset to run concurrently two different Bluetooth versions. It only ever worked well when one aspect of the relationship was old, such as speaker older 4.2 or all phones old. But as soon as your break that then you need luck of everything being the same Bluetooth version.

If you’re lucky to have the version issue not applicable then you have profiles versions of each protocol running. There’s profiles for audio, control, data, if any not the same then you’d for example find play pause not work when switching

If you’re lucky to pass that then the DAC will struggle to seamlessly switch codecs for media.

So even if the Motion+ did happen to allow multipoint, it would probably suffer one of the other problems.

Ironically, the most reliable technology is the oldest as if a speaker only supports oldest versions (bt 4.2, oldest profiles, older lower bitrate codecs) it would be reliable but sound worse.

But to have something sound good and work seamlessly and be a good price is impossible in my view.

Happy to be proved wrong.

I’ve been active in forums for years, true that the Motion+ has the issue it lets itself be concurrently connected when it’s not capable but even if it didn’t have that issue what you want doesn’t really exist anyway so you’d be tripped up somewhere else instead with such an impossible goal.


  • Icon Mini is dedicated to backpacking with my phone
  • Mini 2 is dedicated to my bike bag + phone
  • Mini 3 is dedicated to tablet and in the shower
  • Motion+ to laptop
  • Flare Mini I gave to my wife and dedicated to her phone.
  • Slim buds don’t need to be dedicated to anything as they are really old.
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Is that the reason why I never had the “connection stealing” problems with my JBL Charge 4 which has bluetooth 4.2?

So maybe disconnecting in the soundcore app is the solution? Is this the same kind of disconecting as in the Iphone Settings / Bluetooth / Forget This Device? Or is the latter permanent?

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I am guessing so don’t attach too much weight to my guess.

I am guessing the Motion+ was designed when the Bluetooth chip could support multipoint but the DAC couldn’t and so it had an accident flaw of accidental concurrent connection it could not then service. Previous products before it didn’t allow concurrent connection and successor after it had tested multipoint.

I had product from Soundcore designed after the Motion+ which claimed Multipoint but I had to turn the product off then on to switch from newer to older versions of Bluetooth.

Older products prior to Motion+ just refused concurrent connection and so worked reliably as you had to disconnect connect to work.

I recommend just being realistic.

If you return these speakers you probably will find a similar issue or suffer worse sound quality. You will probably find a newer product has to be turned off then on between switching or need luck everything is the same version.

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No the app connection has NOTHING to do with this.

All the app does is make a temporary connection when you “connect” to send via a data profile some settings changes.

Connecting is Bluetooth which is the device OS. Not the app.

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It’s essentially allowing the set of M+ to disconnect from the device currently using them, so if I’m thinking correctly you should be able to pair to them without the previous device interfering because they’re no longer connected, at least until they plan to use them again, and vice versa. It’s worth a shot. I would try here but I only have my phone to run them on currently. If you do have luck with it, please update any results, I’m curious, and invested in learning more :heart:

Thank you all for your insights