Motion+ Volume goes up and down with changes in dynamic content of music


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I’m experiencing that on some tracks the volume goes up in quiet passages of the music, and down in loud passages with a lot of bass. The song that reveals it the best to me is Lost Frequencies - Are You with Me (Gianni Kosta Radio Edit).

It is quite annoying on this track.
I have been in contact with Anker Support who sent me a replacement unit, which does the same.

Does anyone else have this issues?



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Which earbuds or headphones?

I can check on mine if ours are similar, I have the Q10s And the liberty 2 pros

Could be the software of the buds/phones.

Sorry, I tagged the post with MotionPlus, but forgot to write it in the topic.

Have now added it :+1:

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If both the original and the replacement speaker have the same issue, it may be your playback device which is the problem.

If your device allows you to control the volume using the buttons on the speaker without affecting the volume set on your device, be sure your device is set to a lower volume and the speaker is adjusted as needed to achieve desired loudness.

If what I wrote above is not applicable, then maybe try using a different device to play music through the speaker.

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Hi Matthew,

Thank you very much for your reply.

I actually tried with an Ipad, which didn’t have the problem. I mistankenly thought that it was an SBC/AAC vs. AptX problem, ie. higher bandwidth stream with higher dynamic range got compressed. That was clearly wrong.

I have an OnePlus 6 and can indeed find many others with the problem. It can however be fixed by turning off the embedded audio tuner. Not at all optimal, but better than the volume issue.

Kind regards Moba


Thanks for the update, and very glad you were able to resolve.

Hope this keeps them in use for you, and many years of enjoyment.