Mrkwd Q30 review /comparison

A great review of the new Q30s and comparison to Bose and Sony… the results may be a bit of a surprise, as he ranked mic quality well. First of late that I can remember saying such. Good to see🙂


nice share!

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Great find :+1:

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So does that mean he had a different experience, or that some of the headphones have better mics than others?

Or it could just be a different priority search.

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Seemed like he had different experience between the 3 sets he tested.

I was surprised that he ranked Mic so high, given the prevalence of reviews to the contrary.

Different testing conditions, perhaps different results.

Different priorities I’m sure. What you care about matters a lot to how you perceive it.

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Yes, if he got them for music and never intending to use as phone calls. Quality of the mic would be a non starter.

I’ve seen a couple of additional reviews from others that also shy away from mic testing.

Always good to see different perspectives, from which to draw your own conclusions.

Thanks for sharing this. Hadn’t seen Mark’s review yet.

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Nice find @TheSnarkyOne Q30 is becoming popular…

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