Mulitpoint support on Liberty 2 Pro

Are the Liberty 2 Pro support multi-point - connect to multiple devices at same time. I recently bought Liberty 2 and am overall very happy with it but wished it had multipoint support. It’s very tedious to switch from one device to another - previously paired devices but you have to disconnect from most recent connected device and connect to to device you want.

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You can cheat multipoint with the liberty 2 pros, as you can pair individual earbuds with a single device.

Take one earbud out of the case, pair it with your device.

Put it back in the case and take the other out, close the case.

Then the 2nd earbud will try to.pair with the same device… let it connect but forget it and pair with your second device.

When you take the first earbud back out, you should have connection to two devices :wink:

Granted this isn’t multipoint in the strictest sense (or maybe just nonsense…) but it can be done…


Is it just the Pro or can you do this with the Liberty 2 Air?

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Could probably do with any earbuds that have solo mode meaning you can use one earbud with a single device.

I had mistakenly found this out by accident and had one paired to my laptop and the other to my phone, had to be careful to answer the right one… lol

If you try it out let me know how it goes.

The tricky part is if you want to use both for one device, you have to repair both as if you were restarting from the very beginning. Not much of a big deal.

You can sometimes cheat multipoint with two Android. If you make one of them phone calls and one media and connect them in a sequence.

Almost nothing will work between Windows 10 and anything else.

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I’d be less concerned with the claims of the Soundcore product than with the exact devices you’re connected to.

In general nothing works reliable with a laptop, particularly Windows 10. Your best chances are if you dedicate a BT device to a laptop.

In general you can connect all Soundcore products to two devices so long as they are identical BT version and software.