Multi-Product Compatibility?


few time ago i did buy a rave neo and i love it, and now i get a rave but i cant paring, someone can help me?

i did try a different ways but i cant…


Unfortunately, the Rave and the Rave Neo cannot wirelessly pair.

Rave Neo has PartyCast technology and Rave doesn’t. Since Rave only supports TWS (True-Wireless Stereo) technology, it can’t pair to any of the PartyCast speakers. Rave Neo, on the other hand, can pair to other PartyCast speakers like Flare 2, Rave Neo, Rave PartyCast, etc.

Also, TWS speakers can only pair 2 at a time for real left-right channels. PartyCast speakers can connect 100+ and they’ll all have same kind of sound coming out.