Multipoint connectivity issues


I have the Liberty 3 pro earbuds. I bought them mainly because of their multipoint functionality. I use them with my Macbook Pro and my iPhone both connected at the same time.

The problem is when I am using them with my laptop and I get a call without answering it, the Bluetooth output stays coming from the phone. Even if I push the play button again on the laptop, the sound doesn’t go back to it and stays on the phone. This is especially annoying if I am in a Zoom call on the laptop and someone calls to my phone. Even if I do not answer the call, it is very difficult to get the sound back to the laptop. Is there a way to fix this? I use a Macbook pro 2020 (Bluetooth 5.0) and an iPhone 13 mini (Bluetooth 5.0)

I do not have but which was paired first. I think some suggestions was to pair the laptop first and then the phone.


Pairing order is esetial. Reset, forget and repair. Hope it will help

Thanks! I have reset the earbuds, forget the Bluetooth connection from both the computer and the iPhone. Then start again from zero pairing first the laptop and then the earbuds, but the problem persists.

Moreover, it is happening very often that only the right earbud sounds (no music in left on), and/or that the music sound really bad (like an old radio).

Any other tip to help me with this?

Otherwise, how can I apply for the “30-day money back”?