Music at Amateur Sporting Events?

I play adult softball, and sometimes people bring rave-style speakers to play on the sideline without asking the opposing team if they are okay with it. What do you think?

  • Music should not be played during amateur sporting events because it distracts the players.
  • Music is fine as long as both teams agree on it.
  • Who cares if the other team doesn’t like it? I can play music wherever I like.
  • You play adult sports? Weird.

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i think it takes away from the game and could become a distraction. It usually is a family atmosphere and you do not want the music to overpower the game

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I agree. The thing that bothers me most is when someone has a streaming service they dont pay for and it plays advertisements during the game. So tacky :roll_eyes:

Also some of the music is not good for kids. It should be a family atmosphere.

No issue with music at sporting events as long as it’s run by an event host, so it can be moderated and impartial…allowing a possible free for all by allowing spectators or sides to run the music and cause a disruption (to either side) would be poor form to say the least…

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Agreed… if multiple people start playing their own music, it will become a real mess!

If everyone agrees I see no problem. However if even one person didn’t want it, I would never play music.

Sports are probably the best way to get exercise…

Im fine if everyone else is, but it would be pretty hard to get a consensus on what to play during the game. The older we get the less we think “anything is fine”.

I think for warmups/pregame it is fine but not during the game.

We can ask NBA players how do they feel about in every 24 seconds in playoffs. :joy:

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Hahahaha well theyre getting paid so they can deal with it. I am actually paying to play softball :laughing: