Musicians that have been accused of plagiarism

These musicians have been accused of plagiarism (

I think that some of them I have heard about but have kinda forgot.


Isn’t all music plagiarism and it’s just a difference of degree?

Music is as old as history and you’re not telling me after thousands of years someone did an actual different sound?


You are correct for the most part. I do not know if there is a limitation of a person song composition but think there should be one as I think some tunes have became more popular with the plagiarized tune than the first version of the tune. (not talking about the lyrics potentially)

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Thanks for share.
Famous names on the list.

Some of them might of heard the song but there is also there is the chance they didn’t and two people just had the same great idea. There are only so many options out there

I guess we all can be Weird Al. :wink:

There is a finite number of chord progressions, so undoubtedly there will be snippets that are familiar in many songs. Thinking this vid was posted sometime last fall?

However, now they call it sampling, and as long as credit is given. Perhaps not a big deal?

Parodies are maybe the exception :crazy_face:

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