Muting, leaving and joining calls on PC with Soundcore Space Q45

Hi, I was wondering if the following capabilities work on PC with the Soundcore Space Q45 headphones:

Muting the headphone’s microphone and disconnecting/joining calls

For me, (with Discord and Google Meets) I tried to disconnect, join, and mute my microphone but these features did not work (I clicked the play/pause button or held it for 2 seconds as required).

Is there a fix to this, is it a bug, or does it simply not work?


I don’t have those so I’m not sure. I would ask Customer Support.

I experienced this briefly (muting not working), it worked fine with Google Meet and WhatsApp and then didn’t work with Zoom. I then found out that the selected microphone in my audio setting in Zoom is the one for my laptop, and when I changed it to the Q45 or “Same as System”, muting worked just fine.

As far as leaving and joining calls on PC goes, I have never tried that with the Q45 so I cannot answer to that.