My device not connecting on app

How i connected my soundcoure life note anker app gide me please

I don’t have those. Not all Soundcore products are comparable with the App. I don’t personally know whether those are or not… That being said, here’s instructions how to connect if you can. Also there is an E-Mail address where you can get further information/confirmation.

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I looked them up. It doesn’t mention app support, and one reviewer said no app support was his biggest complaint. I think you’re out of luck.

I tried to contact support earlier. Chat was closed, and the Email link just sent me into an endless loop.

Here is the link to support @c1tobor98, but I don’t believe they work on the weekend:

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I’m not seeing it supported in the app.

It’s an old model.

There’s newer versions with support.

Personal opinion is they should stop selling older models as otherwise exactly this occurs of people hear of an app support, assume incorrectly that if it’s not mentioned it’s still got app support.

But it’s Soundcore’s business decision.

Duplicated your previous thread

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