My First Look at the Liberty 2 Pro Upgraded (L2P+)

I received the Liberty 2 Pro Upgraded two Sundays ago (1-9-22). Here are some of my impressions so far. First some pictures:

The Family (Left to Right) L3P, L2P+, and LA2P

I’ve only had them a few days, but so far I think they are very, very nice. Sound quality is top notch.


  1. Astria Coaxial Acoustic Architecture. “A patented design that integrates a customized Knowles balanced armature and an 11mm dynamic driver.”
  2. LDAC
  3. Transparency Mode
  4. “7-Hour Playtime: A single charge provides 7 hours of listening, with 2.5 extra charges from the charging case. In a rush? Get 3 hours of playtime from a 15-minute charge. And top up the case using a wireless charger or USB-C cable.”

Now to the 500 LB Elephant in the room. How do they compare to the L3P?
I think they compare relatively favorably. They sound great. Include Transparency mode and LDAC. Have enough Bass to blow your head off if you so desire.

The only negatives in comparison to me is they are bigger, and don’t have ANC. The L3P might also have slightly more clarity.

Don’t take this to mean I’m dissing them, because I’m not. They are great Earbuds in their own right. I just think the L3P’s are slightly better, but considering they are the latest, greatest thing, they should be.

They are great sounding Earbuds, that have plenty of Bass. One thing I didn’t mention, they are also button controlled. So for those that don’t like touch controls, these are for you. You really can’t go wrong with any of the Earbuds in the above Pictures.


Nice review and fab pics.

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Thanks @Craig_Paterson, I appreciate that. I’m glad you enjoyed it! :+1:

Enjoy it and tell us more if you are really are familiar with.
I know you will give us a honest review.

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Nice review and pics. Thanks.

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Thanks Steve for your first L2P + experience.
I knew you’d like these earbuds :grinning:. ". :thinking:I’m sorry, but I don’t understand what’s going on :slightly_smiling_face:. Just explain what it is about: “500 LB Elephant in the room”…

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“The 500 pound elephant in the room” is just a saying that means:
An important or enormous topic, question, or controversial issue that is obvious or that everyone knows about but no one mentions or wants to discuss. @sodojka


@Steve976 I saw it for the first time. Ok I thought it was a joke you made up that I don’t understand :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Nice lil teaser @Steve976, great photos and like to see you too got the snow I had sent :cold_face:

Looking forward to your further notes and review.


Sometimes its hard for us to understand those special sayings.
Best would be to add always an explanation! :grinning:

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After talking to @Chiquinho yesterday, I started listening to Hotel California by the Eagles (whole CD) and a few other tunes through the L2P Upgraded with LDAC.

It had to be at least an hour, maybe more. It got me to wondering if with their bigger size, if they might also have a bigger battery? I wondered this because Battery indicator hardly moved. :thinking:


The buds like such great music, so they last longer.
Easy explanation Steve. :laughing:


The best battery is in Motion Boom :+1:t2:.
I charged it once - a month has passed and I haven’t charged it so far .

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Depends on your use time and the volume you adjust the speakers of course… :grinning:
I use the Flare minis daily and its about 35% volume level.
I can do a check.#

Heavy snowfalls here in München.
Neighbor’s kids have built a “snow castle” and there is a battle around it.
Much better than senseless computer games. :grinning:

After testing these out now for a few weeks now, I don’t really have anything negative to say about them. They sound very good.

Since I’ve never had the Original L2P, I can now see why everyone was raving about them. I’m looking at you @sodojka. :smiley:


I am very glad that your opinion of these earbuds is so good.
Liberty 2 Pro is for me like a Harley Davidson for a motorcyclist.
When you ask what I like about them the most, I will answer you with one word:
" Everything :star_struck:!"


Great review :+1: I should buy L2P instead of L3P then with some saving :sweat_smile:

Btw the further distance of connection also causes more battery consumption


Well I wouldn’t go that far. While I really like the L2P+, I like the L3P a bit more. The L3P’s are my favorite Earbuds I’ve ever used/tried.

I prefer the touch controls. I like having ANC in case I need it. Multi-point is also nice. The BIG thing is the L3P are also about 33% smaller without sacrificing sound quality. In fact, they may sound just a touch better (little more clarity and a touch more separation).

All that being said sound is subjective and some people would really prefer buttons over touch pads. I think they are both good in their own ways. However, I do prefer the L3P if I had to pick just 1.

I mainly use my Buds to listen to music, meaning they are only receiving. I’m not sure how distance would effect battery life. On top of that, I usually have my phone near me anyway.


Will recommend L2P to my friends with budget concern :+1:
No regrets with my L3P :kissing_heart:


Nice post. Those with L3P and L2P+ - do you find them both in different scenarios?