My first speaker steal!

I found the bill of the first speaker I bought.

I gave this to a friend and the speaker is working till today he told me recently.

Why did you cross out your name and address? Now I can’t send you “anonymous letters” :joy:

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I get so much love letters a day Andrew.
My wife is sorting those and give me only the most stimulating ones.
Do you think you can write such one? :rofl:

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I still have the first ANKER speaker I bought, as well as the first bluetooth speaker I ever bought. The ANKER speaker still holds it’s own very well against today’s speakers, but the other is quite lacking and showing its age.

Did you forget, techman has X-ray eyes, he can read emails from **** so he can still get your address from the strike / crossed address :rofl:

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I was thinking more of one of the glitter *ombs, but I wouldn’t wish that on anyone ever.

Why did you use an asterisk?

I don’t think I have a wireless device with batteries that have lasted that long across regular use, much less a speaker. 4-5 years old seems to be a practical limit with these lithium ion batteries.

Glitter bombs are truly awful. Glitter in general…

Haha my phone auto corrected to it and I didnt even see that. I had a running joke with my buddies about being the bomb and we kept putting in more and more ways of writing it and I kept using it to mess with them and never deleted the learned form in my phone.

The premium model was my first speaker purchase from Anker…still remember shocking a few people with the loudness and bass it had, to say battery BT speakers were just taking off around that time…

I ordered this one for our chair and was convinced by the price performance ratio.
So I ordered a few weeks later another one for private use.
At those days there were not so many speakers around.
I remember BOSE soundlink mini as well, but too expensive.

Soundcore Nano was my first one, lucky one, won many more after that from Anker and other ones… still have it and use it

You might have a real collection now.
I would like to see you in the “collector’s thread” :joy:

My Soundcore Nano is in my wifes car, her factory dvd/nav short circuited and only plays when it wants to. See we connect our phone t ok the Nano and have it between the seats playing music